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Understanding Surrogate Compensation: Financial Benefits and Expectations

Navigating surrogacy is challenging yet extremely rewarding. And, while it shouldn’t be the only reason you decide to become a surrogate, financial compensation is one of its many benefits. Because

Age, BMI, and Previous Pregnancies: The Trifecta of Surrogate Requirements

Embarking on the journey of gestational surrogacy is a deeply personal decision for many women. However, before becoming a surrogate, it’s essential to meet a set of rigorous health requirements.

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5 Reasons Gestational Surrogacy May Be Your Calling

For many women, the desire to help others grow their families is the primary motivation behind considering gestational surrogacy. Ultimately, becoming a gestational surrogate allows you to extend compassion and

Surrogacy Stories: Inspiring Tales from Experienced Surrogates

Gestational surrogacy is truly remarkable, as it enables you to bestow a unique and precious gift, providing individuals or couples the opportunity to expand their families. Your decision to embark

‘Tis the Season for Surrogacy: Navigating the Holidays with Hope and Harmony

As the holiday season is almost upon us, it brings unique considerations and experiences for those on the surrogacy journey. In this guide, discover tips for pregnant surrogates and intended

Exploring the Emotional Aspect of Surrogacy: Tips for Mental Well-being

Gestational surrogacy is a complex and emotionally challenging process that varies greatly for each individual involved. Emotions in surrogacy are influenced by factors such as cultural beliefs, support systems, and

Surrogacy Etiquette: Communicating Between Intended Parents and Loved Ones

Surrogacy offers the incredible gift of parenthood, making a significant difference in the lives of both the intended parents (IPs) and the surrogate or gestational carrier (GC). It’s essential to

Self-Care After Delivery: Postpartum Support and Tips for Surrogates

The journey of surrogacy doesn’t end with the birth of the child – after delivery and labor, surrogates start a new chapter of postpartum recovery, which typically takes anywhere from

Preparing for Surrogacy: Health, Fitness, and Wellness Tips

Embarking on the selfless path of gestational surrogacy can bring immeasurable joy to intended parents and provide life-long satisfaction to you as the surrogate, knowing that you’ve done something unique

LGBTQ+ Surrogacy Stories: Famous Gay Dads and Their Incredible Paths to Parenthood

In recent years, many famous LGBTQ+ celebrities have graciously shared their family-building journeys with the public, helping to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ parenting and inspire new intended parents (IPs). In

The Surrogacy Process: A Step-by-Step Guide for Aspiring Surrogates

Embarking on a journey as a surrogate is both commendable and transformative. Surrogacy gives intended parents (IPs) the opportunity to fulfill their dream of having a family. Here is a

Flipping the Script for National Infertility Awareness Week

There are several reasons for the myths and misconceptions surrounding the topic of infertility. False perceptions often originate from old family beliefs passed from generation to generation. An inadequate understanding

Busting Myths and Stereotypes About Surrogacy

Surrogacy is truly rewarding and unique, as the act dramatically alters the lives of the intended parents and the surrogate herself. However, as surrogacy is a complex form of third-party

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