Surrogate Testimonials

See what some amazing surrogates have to say about their experiences working with us at Reproductive Possibilities.

I've been wanting to help another couple by becoming a Gestational Carrier for 8 years before deciding to apply after having my first child. Reproductive Possibilities was the one that still stuck out to me the most. Their application was very specific and the health screenings were easy and painless. RP is very thorough which is great considering how many lives will be affected by this process. It was an amazing journey and the whole process was exciting and fun. Seeing the IP’s smiling while holding their newborn made all of those sleepless nights, out of breath days and nausea all worth it!! I would highly recommend RP to those looking to become a surrogate as well as an Intended Parent. RP is very wonderful, helpful and knowledgeable in every aspect!

Melissa Stalker

I just finished my first surrogacy journey through reproductive possibilities, from day one they were very helpful in answering any questions and letting you know they were there if you needed anything! I had an amazing experience thanks to them!

Kayla Clinger

I recently completed my first journey as a gestational carrier with Reproductive Possibilities and am so thankful for having such a smooth and enjoyable journey. My coordinator, Patricia, always reached out to me to make sure I was feeling okay and was helpful as could be. I never felt like just another person to them. Thank you RP for helping me help complete a family. I will forever be grateful for this experience.

Brianna Rodriguez Valero

My name is Amy I've been with reproductive possibilities for 4 yrs now!!!! I love being a surrogate mother it's a great feeling to be able to help bless a family in need whom cannot have a baby the old fashioned way! I have done 2 successful pregnancies and on to my 3rd the first 2 were for the same intended parents and this new one is for a new family!!! I am very blessed to have the amazing healthy body I do and to be able to share that with others whom are not as fortunate as I! Reproductive possibilities has been very supportive and have always been there to answer any questions I may have had through out my journeys I definitely would and have recommended this company to others!!!

Amy Brunelle

I was a carrier for this practice about 16 years ago. Used them again about a year and a half later. Not only do I highly recommend this office BUT the journey itself. I have been blessed with two wonderful families and we still stay connected as much as we can. (Thank You social media) I found this practice to be very informative, thorough and efficient. If you are considering being a carrier CALL THEM! It will be a phone call you won’t regret.

Barb McMullen

I love this agency and what it does for families that aren't able to have their own children. I started the process of being a gestational carrier in 2013. It's a wonderful feeling to do this for a family and see how you can make someone so happy and complete their family. This agency has been great in the whole process. They communicate, hear your concerns out, very organized and most important they are like a family helping through out the process. I have done this process twice with same family. Just deliver another bundle of joy 7/21/16. I recommend this agency to anyone looking to have a family. I have four more years in me and if another family presents itself to me, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Cecilia Martinez

For years I had known I wanted to be a gestational carrier. I truly enjoyed pregnancy, and being a Momma myself, my heart ached for infertile couples who wanted a baby but couldn't achieve parenthood by natural means. In 2008, I posted a general inquiry on an online surrogacy board and that's when Reproductive Possibilities, reached out to me saying they could help match me with intended parents and help guide me through the process. They far exceeded my expectations! I ended up carrying 6 beautiful babies for 4 wonderful families (2009, 2011, 2015, 2017), utilizing Reproductive Possibilities each time. If you're interested in being a gestational carrier, I'd highly recommend going through Reproductive Possibilities!

Kristie Taylor

I have had an amazing experience as a gestational carrier with this agency. I am on my second journey with Reproductive Possibilities because of the wonderful experience I had with the coordinators the first time. This second time has been no different, and the staff here goes above and beyond. I would absolutely recommend them to both intended parents and gestational carriers.

Kayla Lietch

Common Questions for Intended Parents and Surrogates

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy gives those wanting to start or grow their family, but are unable to do so on their own, a chance to become parents.

Who are intended parents?

Intended parents are those who would like to start or grow their family, but require the assistance of a surrogate to do so. Some have fertility issues, some have medical conditions that prevent their ability to get pregnant and some just need the help of a third party to have a child. Many intended parents have gone through challenging IVF cycles and have one/or more remaining embryos that they would like a surrogate mother to carry for them.