Surrogacy Fees & Costs

The cost of surrogacy for intended parents may vary based upon the services needed, but reach out to us to get a better understanding of what your journey can cost.

Understanding the Costs of Surrogacy

The cost of surrogacy is an important part of the process. At Reproductive Possibilities, your surrogacy costs will be determined by your own customized surrogacy journey. In recent years, new programs and opportunities exist to offload the financial burden on intended parents. For more information on what programs we work with or how we can help you achieve your dream of parenthood, reach out to us on our contact page.

Though surrogacy costs vary by each case, we’ve included estimates below to help you prepare for the expenses of a surrogacy journey to grow your family.

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Surrogacy Plan Options

Full Service Plan – This plan is for a period of one year or until you have been matched with a gestational carrier that has passed ALL of her screening – including medical and psychological. At that point we have completed our job of “matching you” and would not continue that search process. Your GC should move forward to signing contracts and then prepare for a transfer. If your doctor recommends that you need to change your GC after failed transfer, you would need to sign up with us again (at a discount).

Premium Service Plan – This is a two year plan. If you are matched with a GC and find that you may need another candidate; because your doctor recommends, or you just elect to change carriers, we will put you back on our list and find a new candidate for you. You are only able to work with one carrier at a time, but during the two years, you may have as many as you need. Once you have a GC that reaches 12 weeks in a pregnancy, the option to search for another candidate ends, even if the two years have not expired.

It is not common for intended parents to need a second surrogate, (you may want to confer with your infertility doctor), but we have been asked to provide a guarantee to our clients, and this is as close as we can get. With the many variables of medical procedures and participants it is not possible to provide a guarantee.

What is the total cost for a surrogacy journey?

Total surrogacy costs can be $80,000-$100,000+

This is an estimated total expense for a successful IVF pregnancy with Reproductive Possibilities. Because every journey is unique, the expenses associated with each intended parent will vary.

This total cost does not include medical costs for the IVF procedure and pregnancy, which will be paid directly to the intended parents' clinic. In some instances, the intended parents' insurance policies may cover these expenses.

Please use these costs – and the cost breakdown below – as a guide when determining your surrogacy costs. For a more detailed cost estimate, please call our office at 201.505.0078.

Cost Breakdown

Surrogate Agency and Legal Fees
Our fees are all inclusive based upon the package you select, Full Service or Premium Service. Legal fees are included in the totals, with an allowance towards the Pre/Post Birth Order. Additional services offered based upon clients needs. Pricing available.
Surrogate Fund Management Escrow Fees

Fees for escrow management are for the duration of your surrogate journey. Additional fees may be charged for banking services; stop payments, wire fees, etc.

Surrogate Mother Reimbursements - Single Fetus*

This is the fee for the pregnancy only, additional fees and expenses do apply, see surrogate costs for more information.

*Paid monthly over the course of a confirmed pregnancy

Surrogate Mother Reimbursements - Multiple Birth**

This is the fee for the pregnancy only, additional fees and expenses do apply, see surrogate costs for more information.

**Experienced carriers will ask for significantly more in compensation

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