Intended Parents

Becoming a Parent Through Surrogacy

Intended parents come from all around the world; they may be single or couples, same sex or heterosexual. At Reproductive Possibilities, our clients benefit from our wealth of experience and knowledge of surrogacy. Our founder, Melissa, and her husband are parents of twin boys and a daughter, born via gestational surrogate.

Surrogacy is a wonderful way to grow your family. The surrogacy process involves working with a gestational carrier, who is implanted with your embryos and carriers your child until delivery. This is called gestational surrogacy. Gestational carriers – or surrogate mothers – are not biologically related to the baby.

Reproductive Possibilities, LLC locates gestational carriers and manages gestational carrier arrangements exclusively.

How to Become an Intended Parent

Growing your family through surrogacy is a big decision. A natural first step is to contact us and talk to us about your hopes and dreams of creating a family. We have been growing families for almost 20 years, so you’ll be in good hands from the moment you reach out to us. Our personalized approach and customized programs are what make us stand out from other agencies.

We’d love to talk to you, start your journey today.