Discover How to Become a Parent

As Reproductive Possibilities' intended parents, we will provide you with a more personal approach to surrogacy, while allowing you the opportunity to select the level of services you want.

Parenthood through Surrogacy

Our commitment to family is the foundation of our team approach to guiding you throughout your surrogate journey. We work with intended parents from across the U.S., including Georgia, Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas, and Pennsylvania, and all over the world — heterosexual and LGBTQ+, couples and singles. During your journey to becoming a parent, you will work with a gestational carrier (surrogate mother) — a woman who is not biologically related to the child — who will carry your child until delivery.

Our founder, Melissa Brisman, experienced the surrogacy process twice, resulting in twin boys and a daughter. Her personal experience, which led to our company’s creation, is the foundation that our services are built upon. Through Melissa’s own journeys and expertise, we have been able to offer our intended parents support and guidance for the journey ahead. Our goal is always to make your dream of becoming a parent come true.

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Custom Surrogacy Programs for Parents

Every intended parents’ situation is unique, and we will work closely with you to determine the best approach to fulfill your dream of building a family. During our 20+ years, we have incorporated the needs of our intended parents into the service options we offer.

BYOS (Bring Your Own Surrogate): For intended parents who may have identified a friend or family member to be their surrogate, or those who may have matched independently but need guidance and support from an agency. Our staff can offer as little or as much help as you would like.

Encore Journey: We take great pride in offering intended parents the opportunity to work with the same surrogate again for a discounted fee, while other agencies may consider it a new journey and charge full price. Encore Journey provides the opportunity for us to replicate your prior journey from start to finish. Using the same surrogate, escrow and legal services and the same fertility clinic — our team will, again, support and guide you.

Anonymous Package: Experience has shown that some intended parents need or prefer anonymity during this journey to start or add to their family. We will work to provide you and your surrogate privacy. Please note, your surrogate will be aware of the anonymous nature of your match and will have agreed to those terms in advance. Contact us for further details.

Because of our customized approach, costs will vary for each journey, but please visit our Intended Parents Cost page to see estimated expenses.

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Parenthood with Egg & Sperm Donation

Some intended parents require the need for an egg donor or sperm donor in order to grow their families.

In this case, either an egg donor, a sperm donor or both will be used in the creation of embryos that will be transferred into the gestational carrier.

The selection of an egg donor and/or sperm donor is a very personal one. The Reproductive Possibilities Team will help inform and guide you to find a donor agency that's right for you.

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What to Expect as an Intended Parent

If you are ready to begin your journey or wish to discuss your journey in more detail, we encourage you to contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation — in person or remotely — with an Intended Parent Coordinator from our qualified team and Melissa Brisman, founder of Reproductive Possibilities and parent through surrogacy. During this meeting, you will develop a plan to build your family, discuss the surrogate process and get a more comprehensive understanding of how your journey will unfold.

If you decide to move forward, you will work with your Intended Parent Coordinator to develop your personalized criteria for a gestational surrogate who shares your needs and values.

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Common Questions for Intended Parents

Who are intended parents?

An intended parent can be:

A single man or woman
LGBTQ+ couples
Heterosexual couples

Intended parents are those who choose to build their families through gestational surrogacy, which allows parents to have their own biological child outside of natural conception. By transferring a fertilized embryo to a gestational carrier, the intended parents have the opportunity to use their own genetic materials (egg and/or sperm).

Some individuals and/or couples may need to use a sperm or egg donor if their own biological material is. When the quality of the eggs and/or sperm of the intended parents are not usable or unsatisfactory, their fertility clinic may recommend that they consider moving forward with a donor (sperm, egg, or both).

Do intended parents go through a screening process?

Yes, both the intended parents and gestational carriers are thoroughly interviewed and go through a screening process with the fertility clinic and our agency to ensure that all relevant medical issues are known and shared before proceeding.

I am very pleased to be able to endorse Melissa’s agency and share my own very positive experience. Three years ago I turned to them for assistance in my project to become a single parent. I was welcomed warmly and provided constant support by those I came into contact with; all demonstrated both the utmost professionalism as well as human warmth.

Fortunately my dream came true with the birth of my son, who is now almost nine months old and is the greatest ever joy of my life. I will never be able to thank enough all of the people who helped me and supported me in the various stages – some of which were very difficult – of the incredible adventure that I experienced.

I would like to give encouragement to anyone who may be thinking that being single means they won’t be able to fulfill their dream of becoming a parent. With sufficient determination to give love and live for love, miracles really can happen.

E. S.

After years of struggling through a multitude of fertility treatments, we were reluctant to start a new journey. That reluctance quickly faded after the first phone call with Melissa. Working with Melissa and her team, especially Jayme, was nothing short of amazing. From the first time we sent over our photos, we were welcomed and made to feel comfortable, relaxed, and supported from beginning to end.

After guiding us through some small hiccups, they matched us with a wonderful carrier, who was, just as they said, wonderful for us. We welcomed our son March 2018 and starting our family had been the highlight of our lives. To all Intended Parents, as you make your decision, please know that Melissa and her staff will always be there for you along the way, even when you have those tough, worrisome days. They will support you, understand you, guide you, and make certain that you know that they are with you on your journey. As we gear up for baby number two, we are thrilled to work with Reproductive Possibilities again and add to our family!

Jahri & Takia
Affiliation with R

We met Melissa Brisman 18 years ago after we were just married. At that time, there were very few Gestational Surrogacy agencies and lawyers available – especially that had The Intended Parents’ back. After a year of research, we bonded with Melissa immediately and knew we had found the right person for us.

Melissa was smart, savvy and knew the law. The fact that she had gone through the process for herself just two years before was telling – as she knew every step of the process personally and understood our (the Intended Parents) perspective. Our first journey was challenging – that’s where Melissa really stepped up and we KNEW we had selected the right lawyer. Melissa was proactive and treated us like we were her only Client. She navigated the waters, in a very tough situation, beautifully – and she kept us positive and calm throughout our pregnancy. Our first daughter was born on April 19, 2002 and is the love of our lives.

A year later, Melissa approached us about a second Carrier – as she wanted US to have the ‘special woman’ she had found. I wasn’t sure about going through Surrogacy again – but she was confident that all would be smooth. And it was. Our second time with Melissa was an absolutely incredible, positive experience and we had twins on July 6, 2004. Our family is complete and we owe it ALL to Melissa Brisman. There is nobody more knowledgeable or professional than Melissa.

Since our children were born – Melissa has gone onto changing laws across the country and working tirelessly to legalize Gestational Surrogacy. We follow every professional achievement she has had over the years and still continue to thank her to this day. Thank you, Melissa!

Matt & Amy Yallof