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Meet Our Founder, Melissa Brisman

Melissa Brisman is an innovator and leader in family planning. Having experienced the joy of parenthood through gestational surrogacy twice — first with twin boys, then with a daughter — she is a trusted voice among fertility clinics, intended parents and surrogates.

A Valedictorian of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and an honors graduate of Harvard Law School, Melissa began helping people become parents in 2000 through her law firm and expanded by establishing Reproductive Possibilities as a dedicated surrogate agency.

Melissa is a professional member of Family Equality, the American Bar Association-Family Law Section-Reproductive and Genetic Technology Committee, the Egg Donation and Surrogacy Professional Organization, the Organization of Parents Through Surrogacy, the Embracing Hope Scholarship Committee, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys.

She has been featured in numerous prestigious publications and talk shows, like The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Fox News, Anderson Cooper and CBS Live.

In 2019, Melissa was awarded the Gold Lifetime Achievement Stevie Award® at the 16th Annual Gold Lifetime Achievement Stevie Award for Women in Business.

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Introducing Your Reproductive Possibilities Team

Headshot of Virginia Walker
Virginia Walker

Business Manager

Virginia Walker is the Business Manager at Reproductive Possibilities, LLC. Virginia provides invaluable knowledge and support to the agency’s clients. With years of management experience, Virginia’s leadership and organizational skills help maintain a solid foundation as the agency grows. Virginia is a graduate of Ramapo College of New Jersey, with a Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration and Marketing and has been with Reproductive Possibilities, LLC since 2005. Virginia welcomes the opportunity to speak with any potential clients about the services Reproductive Possibilities offers and how our staff can fulfill their dreams of parenthood. She also is readily available to speak to any client or surrogate, anytime, to help them along their journey.

Call Virginia: 201-505-0078, ext 402

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Headshot of Nancy Hartzband
Nancy Hartzband


Nancy brings a wealth of legal knowledge and experience to our team. Initially engaged in the practice of family law, she transferred her legal talent to family formation/ reproductive law, and has been guiding and assisting clients for over 20 years. As a graduate of Fordham University and Fordham University School of Law, Nancy has experience not only as direct counsel but as a certified mediator. She is as comfortable representing clients in court as she is counseling them face to face. Our clients appreciate her attention to detail and compassionate nature.

Call Nancy: 201-505-0078, ext 406

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Headshot of Katie Justin
Katie Justin


Katie has been working with Reproductive Possibilities since 2008. During her tenure with us, she has worked in many positions, and became very interested in the law and continued her education to include her Paralegal certification. Her experience and attention to detail make her a welcome addition to our legal team. Katie is ready and able to answer any questions that our clients may have and ensures that you have all you need to proceed to the next step in your family building journey.

Call Katie: 201-505-0078, ext 405

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Penny Readie

Office Manager

Penny is the Office Manager at RP. She comes from a busy environmental consulting firm. As the Office and Scheduling Manager, she managed project set-up, scheduling and worked with many key clients such as major hospitals, energy companies, universities and developers in the tri-state area. Penny’s 30+ years’ experience in Human Resources offers insightful, compassionate and a caring nature to our office staff as well as our clients and surrogates. She is always willing to assist where ever needed to ensure that the office runs smoothly. Penny loves being part of a strong administrative team whose knowledge, warmth and love supports surrogates and intended parents during their journey to help them realize their dreams of building families.

Call Penny: 201-505-0078 ext 417

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Headshot of Erica D'Armino
Erica D'Arminio

Reception/Administrative Assistant

Erica D’Arminio is the Receptionist/Administrative Assistant at Reproductive Possibilities. She is the first point of contact when calling the office and the first face you see when you come to visit. She provides a warm welcome, with her friendly smile to all clients and surrogates. She handles many of our administrative functions so her skills with organization and attention to detail help keep the team running smoothly and efficiently. She is committed to assisting our clients and staff in any way she can!

Call Erica: 201-505-0078, ext 400

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Headshot of Alyssa Scheffler
Alyssa Scheffler

Social Media Manager

Alyssa Scheffler is our Social Media Manager and has been with Reproductive Possibilities, LLC since 2011. Always eager and dedicated to helping others, Alyssa has played many parts within our company throughout the years, such as Gestational Carrier Coordinator and Intended Parent Coordinator. During her time working with surrogates and parents-to-be, her friendly demeanor and fresh outlook allowed her to create many friendships with a variety of people from all over the world. Cards and pictures of “her babies” wallpaper her desk and nothing makes her smile bigger than getting to meet RP’s newest additions. Her vast experience and knack for creativity inspired her current position. She continues to expand our social media presence, shares updates and information from our surrogates and “families”, and strives to raise awareness and normalize gestational surrogacy.

Call Alyssa: 201-505-0078, ext 408

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Photo of Donnelly
Patricia Donnelly

Intended Parent Coordinator

Patricia Donnelly is an Intended Parent Coordinator with many years of experience, having worked in public relations and customer service. She is a graduate of Marist College with a BA in Public Relations and a minor in psychology. Her effective communication skills, compassionate personality and ability to manage multiple tasks, are assets as she manages the relationship between intended parents and gestational carriers throughout their surrogate journey. Patricia enjoys working in a team focused environment, and loves the opportunity to help build families.

Call Patricia: 201-505-0078, ext 409

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Headshot of Cindy Aukamp
Cindy Aukamp

Intended Parent Coordinator

Cindy is an Intended Parent Coordinator. Her over 20 years experience in human resources and benefits administration – as well as her professional manner and ability to multi task – have proven to be great strengths in her role at Reproductive Possibilities, LLC. Cindy enjoys working in the team-focused environment that RP provides. Her caring attitude allows her to provide guidance and support to intended parents and gestational carriers throughout their journey together.

Call Cindy: 201-505-0078, ext 404

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Headshot of Lisa Mendola
Lisa Mendola

Intended Parent Coordinator

Lisa Mendola is an Intended Parent Coordinator with having 20 years experience working in Long Term Care Pharmacy & was the surgical coordinator for an Orthopedic office. Having knowledge and compassion for patient care Lisa is willing to help where ever needed. She truly enjoys helping her intended parents & gestational carriers through the entire process of their journey & loves the reward of watching a family grow.

Call Lisa: 201-505-0078, ext 407

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Veronica Stewart

Intended Parent Coordinator

Veronica is an intended parent coordinator. She earned her BA in Business Administration from Ramapo College of NJ. Having worked previously as a project coordinator for large furniture design company, Veronica is used to prioritizing and organizing tasks, and has a great focus and attention to detail, all of which are extremely beneficial in this work environment. As an intended parent coordinator, her goals include finding the perfect match for both the intended parents-to-be and the surrogates while ensuring the journey is as wonderful as possible. She is compassionate and prides herself on treating all her clients like family. She loves the team environment Reproductive Possibilities provides and feels truly blessed to have the opportunity to help so many people from all different backgrounds.

Call Veronica: 201-505-0078 ext 401

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Laurie Gaglio
Laurie Gaglio is an Intended Parent Coordinator with our office. She comes to us with over 25 years of experience in customer service and office management. Her kind, patient demeanor has been an integral part of her work, whether she was volunteering with dementia patients or training her therapy dog. Laurie looks forward to helping as many intended parents and their surrogates in the family building process and making their dreams come true through the gift of surrogacy.

Call Laurie: 201-505-0078 ext 414

Email Laurie:
Janis Leslie

Gestational Carrier Coordinator

Janis Leslie is a Gestational Carrier Coordinator. She is a nurse, and has worked with OB-Gyn and Pediatrician offices for years. She spends many hours working with our gestational carriers beginning with their initial interview with the agency. She assists in gathering all required medical records and documentation so that gestational carriers can be matched with an intended parent. Janis’ thorough care and attention to detail, along with her medical and nursing background, provide a great vetting process for our gestational carriers entering our program.

Call Janis: 201-429-3581

Email Janis:

I am very pleased to be able to endorse Melissa’s agency and share my own very positive experience. Three years ago I turned to them for assistance in my project to become a single parent. I was welcomed warmly and provided constant support by those I came into contact with; all demonstrated both the utmost professionalism as well as human warmth.

Fortunately my dream came true with the birth of my son, who is now almost nine months old and is the greatest ever joy of my life. I will never be able to thank enough all of the people who helped me and supported me in the various stages – some of which were very difficult – of the incredible adventure that I experienced.

I would like to give encouragement to anyone who may be thinking that being single means they won’t be able to fulfill their dream of becoming a parent. With sufficient determination to give love and live for love, miracles really can happen.

E. S.

After years of struggling through a multitude of fertility treatments, we were reluctant to start a new journey. That reluctance quickly faded after the first phone call with Melissa. Working with Melissa and her team, especially Jayme, was nothing short of amazing. From the first time we sent over our photos, we were welcomed and made to feel comfortable, relaxed, and supported from beginning to end.

After guiding us through some small hiccups, they matched us with a wonderful carrier, who was, just as they said, wonderful for us. We welcomed our son March 2018 and starting our family had been the highlight of our lives. To all Intended Parents, as you make your decision, please know that Melissa and her staff will always be there for you along the way, even when you have those tough, worrisome days. They will support you, understand you, guide you, and make certain that you know that they are with you on your journey. As we gear up for baby number two, we are thrilled to work with Reproductive Possibilities again and add to our family!

Jahri & Takia
Affiliation with R

We met Melissa Brisman 18 years ago after we were just married. At that time, there were very few Gestational Surrogacy agencies and lawyers available – especially that had The Intended Parents’ back. After a year of research, we bonded with Melissa immediately and knew we had found the right person for us.

Melissa was smart, savvy and knew the law. The fact that she had gone through the process for herself just two years before was telling – as she knew every step of the process personally and understood our (the Intended Parents) perspective. Our first journey was challenging – that’s where Melissa really stepped up and we KNEW we had selected the right lawyer. Melissa was proactive and treated us like we were her only Client. She navigated the waters, in a very tough situation, beautifully – and she kept us positive and calm throughout our pregnancy. Our first daughter was born on April 19, 2002 and is the love of our lives.

A year later, Melissa approached us about a second Carrier – as she wanted US to have the ‘special woman’ she had found. I wasn’t sure about going through Surrogacy again – but she was confident that all would be smooth. And it was. Our second time with Melissa was an absolutely incredible, positive experience and we had twins on July 6, 2004. Our family is complete and we owe it ALL to Melissa Brisman. There is nobody more knowledgeable or professional than Melissa.

Since our children were born – Melissa has gone onto changing laws across the country and working tirelessly to legalize Gestational Surrogacy. We follow every professional achievement she has had over the years and still continue to thank her to this day. Thank you, Melissa!

Matt & Amy Yallof

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