Intended Parent Testimonials

See what some happy parents have to say about their experiences working with us at Reproductive Possibilities.

I am very pleased to be able to endorse Melissa’s agency and share my own very positive experience. Three years ago I turned to them for assistance in my project to become a single parent. I was welcomed warmly and provided constant support by those I came into contact with; all demonstrated both the utmost professionalism as well as human warmth.

Fortunately my dream came true with the birth of my son, who is now almost nine months old and is the greatest ever joy of my life. I will never be able to thank enough all of the people who helped me and supported me in the various stages – some of which were very difficult – of the incredible adventure that I experienced.

I would like to give encouragement to anyone who may be thinking that being single means they won’t be able to fulfill their dream of becoming a parent. With sufficient determination to give love and live for love, miracles really can happen.

E. S.

After years of struggling through a multitude of fertility treatments, we were reluctant to start a new journey. That reluctance quickly faded after the first phone call with Melissa. Working with Melissa and her team, especially Jayme, was nothing short of amazing. From the first time we sent over our photos, we were welcomed and made to feel comfortable, relaxed, and supported from beginning to end.

After guiding us through some small hiccups, they matched us with a wonderful carrier, who was, just as they said, wonderful for us. We welcomed our son March 2018 and starting our family had been the highlight of our lives. To all Intended Parents, as you make your decision, please know that Melissa and her staff will always be there for you along the way, even when you have those tough, worrisome days. They will support you, understand you, guide you, and make certain that you know that they are with you on your journey. As we gear up for baby number two, we are thrilled to work with Reproductive Possibilities again and add to our family!

Jahri & Takia
Affiliation with R

We met Melissa Brisman 18 years ago after we were just married. At that time, there were very few Gestational Surrogacy agencies and lawyers available – especially that had The Intended Parents’ back. After a year of research, we bonded with Melissa immediately and knew we had found the right person for us.

Melissa was smart, savvy and knew the law. The fact that she had gone through the process for herself just two years before was telling – as she knew every step of the process personally and understood our (the Intended Parents) perspective. Our first journey was challenging – that’s where Melissa really stepped up and we KNEW we had selected the right lawyer. Melissa was proactive and treated us like we were her only Client. She navigated the waters, in a very tough situation, beautifully – and she kept us positive and calm throughout our pregnancy. Our first daughter was born on April 19, 2002 and is the love of our lives.

A year later, Melissa approached us about a second Carrier – as she wanted US to have the ‘special woman’ she had found. I wasn’t sure about going through Surrogacy again – but she was confident that all would be smooth. And it was. Our second time with Melissa was an absolutely incredible, positive experience and we had twins on July 6, 2004. Our family is complete and we owe it ALL to Melissa Brisman. There is nobody more knowledgeable or professional than Melissa.

Since our children were born – Melissa has gone onto changing laws across the country and working tirelessly to legalize Gestational Surrogacy. We follow every professional achievement she has had over the years and still continue to thank her to this day. Thank you, Melissa!

Matt & Amy Yallof
Parents with newborn infant

We knew from the first minutes of our first meeting with Melissa that we wanted to work with her and that she and her team would not rest until we had our baby. That was the one thing that was definitive to us in this complicated, roller coaster of a process.

Our experience with Melissa was just as she promised. She described the type of surrogate she thought would be right for us and then went out and found her – an extraordinary woman and her extraordinary family. Melissa guided us to the perfect right clinic and the specific doctor there that would be the right match for us. And just as she described – after our baby was born in VA, all the paperwork to have both of our names on the birth certificate was taken care of by the hospital and her office.

And through it all we were gently guided with enthusiasm, kindness, care and love.

Richie Jackson & Jordan Roth

My husband and I had an amazing experience with Reproductive Possibilities. After a long struggle with failed IVF, this journey was smooth and the team was extraordinary. They guided us every step of the way, responded promptly, found us the perfect surrogate and were completely transparent about the costs and possible issues we might face. We faced NO issues. It was a truly life altering experience and Melissa's team made it truly lovely. Jayme Wolfe was our case worker and she was always responsive and helpful and did it all with a very personal tough. We are now proud parents of a 4 month old baby boy and we couldn't be happier.

Colleen Grogan

I will be happy to share a bit about our experience with Melissa's office. Seven years ago we arrived to meet with Melissa in their office, we arrived very confused, and frightened.As soon as we talked to Melissa, we understood that we were in safe hands, she could tell us the right words, she knew every law related to surrogacy, and that gave us confidence.A year and a half later our baby, the little prince, was born. I can not explain the feeling of being parents. It is the greatest blessing.Melissa's office did an amazing job, everything was quick, smooth, and successful.Now we're working on our second child, guess where? :-)

Highly recommend them!

Yarin Katz

Words cannot express the extraordinary efforts of Melissa Brisman and her capable team at Reproductive Possibilities to help us build a family.

Surrogacy is a complicated process and all intended parents should know there are hurdles and at times unforeseen delays, which are all overshadowed by extraordinary moments along the way in the most positive sense. The key is to have the strongest team possible to provide planning, support, and counsel.

When we look at our healthy twin boys, we are reminded they are with us thanks to a great deal of hard work and perseverance from Reproductive Possibilities, who kept us feeling positive and aware of each passing step throughout our journey together.

From the moment we had our first meeting with Melissa Brisman, we knew we had found the right partner. Melissa's legal knowledge combined with a talented group of professionals made our dream of having children a reality. Thanks to Melissa's guidance, we established preferences for our ideal surrogate. While it may have taken a bit longer than we expected to be paired, in the end the Reproductive Possibilities surrogate with whom we worked exceeded every possible expectation.

We truly could not have been more fortunate in all aspects of the process, and strongly recommend Melissa and her team without reservation.

Lawrence K.
Parents holding newborn

From our very first meeting we were schooled in the intricacies of surrogacy and how the process would work, with step by step details. We were introduced to the experienced and capable staff who handled everything for us. This included finding our clinic, our surrogate and provided several donor agencies for us to select a suitable donor from. We were given updates along the way, especially during the period leading up to the transfer of the embryos. There were a few of those. It was a long process but were blessed with healthy twins (boy/girl) and today we are proud, VERY busy parents (smile), thanks to Reproductive Possibilities.

Peter & Marlon

Common Questions for Intended Parents and Surrogates

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy gives those wanting to start or grow their family, but are unable to do so on their own, a chance to become parents.

Who are intended parents?

Intended parents are those who would like to start or grow their family, but require the assistance of a surrogate to do so. Some have fertility issues, some have medical conditions that prevent their ability to get pregnant and some just need the help of a third party to have a child. Many intended parents have gone through challenging IVF cycles and have one/or more remaining embryos that they would like a surrogate mother to carry for them.