What makes the best surrogacy experience?

It takes a special person to become a surrogate mother. Our team at Reproductive Possibilities understands the commitment surrogates make to help others fulfill their dreams of growing their families. That's why we're dedicated to providing surrogates and intended parents a level of support you won't find at other agencies.

Our goal is to make the surrogacy journey for surrogates in Georgia, Ohio, and across the U.S. as smooth as possible. Our coordinators work with surrogates to ensure that their questions are answered, they receive the support they need throughout the journey, and they feel informed and educated.

Hearing from surrogates directly is one of the best ways to understand what to expect and learn about their experiences working with Reproductive Possibilities. Several surrogates share their stories on this page, and we hope they help as you make a decision about becoming a surrogate with RP.

Yasmine’s Surrogacy Journey

Yasmine had been considering becoming a surrogate mother in Ohio for more than a year. She had a friend who had worked with Reproductive Possibilities for her surrogate pregnancy, so when it came time for Yasmine to start her journey, selecting an agency was easy!

'Reproductive Possibilities makes the process easy'

"My friend used Reproductive Possibilities and had a great journey," says Yasmine. "She’s a woman I trust and respect, so I followed her lead."

Still, Yasmine spent time researching other agencies online after deciding to become a surrogate. She read reviews written by other surrogate mothers, and they confirmed that working with Reproductive Possibilities was the best choice.

Reproductive Possibilities focuses on matching surrogates with intended parents using several criteria to ensure a positive match. Even with the best matches, the first meetings between a surrogate mother and the IPs can be uncomfortable, but the RP team works to make things as easy as possible. Yasmine says she "loved the communication. They helped ease the IPs and my family though that awkward phase while we got to know each other."

We found the perfect intended parents for Yasmine.

"The similarities were CRAZY," says Yasmine. "I really, really like both of them. I share a birthday with one of the dads, and their relationship was similar to my husband’s and mine, where one of us is the talkative one and the other quieter. They were truly the best IPs a girl could ask for."

We work to make sure our surrogate mothers and intended parents build a connection that will last throughout their journey … and beyond.

Yasmine made sure she had a great support system in place before she became a surrogate mother. "That's the number one thing I made sure of before embarking on this journey. Who would support me and in what way? From my husband to having my mom stay with us for a few months after I gave birth to having backup childcare throughout in case of an emergency, I was ready."

When it was time to give birth, Yasmine was surrounded by loved ones, and her IPs were in the delivery room along with her husband, supporting her during delivery.

Advice for Other Surrogates

Yasmine only has positive things to say about her surrogacy experience with Reproductive Possibilities. When asked what advice she would give other women considering becoming a surrogate mother, she says, "Get support from the people around you. Whether it’s to vent about the kicking baby, to pick you up an extra slice of cake, or to tell you that you look amazing despite your swollen feet—people want to help!" Having the support of her Reproductive Possibilities coordinator, family, friends, and wonderful IPs made the journey a positive one for her.

Becoming a Surrogate in Ohio

Reproductive Possibilities has facilitated many successful surrogacy arrangements in Ohio. If you are interested in becoming a surrogate mother in Ohio, please complete the application.

Kenya's Story

Kenya actually decided to become a surrogate mother in Georgia after initially thinking about becoming an egg donor. She's now been a surrogate twice.

"I was job hunting on Craigslist and came across an ad seeking egg donors. When I called the listing, I was told I was too old. I was 32. Then I began to research other agencies to see if they accepted older donors, and my search yielded information about gestational carriers." Kenya searched on Google and discovered Reproductive Possibilities.

'They are really about building families'

Choosing to work with Reproductive Possibilities to become a surrogate mother was an easy decision for Kenya.

"RP explained the process to become a surrogate mother very well," says Kenya. "I wasn’t 'brushed off;' they explained the process, and the website was very informational." Rather than rejecting Kenya based on her age or other criteria we use to assess surrogacy applicants, the RP rep took the time to explain why these factors are important in the screening process. "They returned calls and emails promptly. They patiently answered all questions."

Becoming a Surrogate Mother

As with so many surrogate mothers, Kenya's decision was an act of selflessness.

"I wanted to be able to help a family," she says. "It was not something I had considered beforehand."

During the screening and matching process, Reproductive Possibilities was with Kenya every step of the way. She encourages other women who are considering becoming surrogates to keep going and complete the journey with the support of a surrogacy agency.

"Your coordinator and clinic staff are your biggest fans and ‘hype men.’ There are no guarantees in this process (pregnancies in general), so the staff is very helpful in making sure you are comfortable to continue the process."

Kenya gave birth to a baby boy at the end of her surrogacy journey! Throughout her journey, she had the support of her IPs, friends, and RP coordinator the whole time.

Overall, Kenya’s surrogacy journey was extremely positive, and she remains in touch with her intended parents regularly, speaking to them almost daily.

Advice for Other Surrogates

When asked what advice she would give other women considering becoming a surrogate mother, Kenya’s first recommendation is "patience!" It is so important to be clear on the decision you’re making and know that you’re embarking on this journey for the right reasons. Choosing Reproductive Possibilities to facilitate your journey will help make the process easier for you.

Kenya also advises potential surrogate mothers to "make sure that you don’t just agree to anything and are doing this for good reasons and not just the compensation."

"Understand what is reimbursable and what isn’t," she says. "Be mentally prepared that not all families will want to keep in touch after the birth and surround yourself with positive people. Ask all the questions you want to the agency or the clinic; there is no stupid question. Do not just agree to things because you want to be matched. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the contract and utilize the lawyer if you are unsure about it. Also, if you’re employed, be mindful that not all employers are pregnancy friendly."

"If you have it in your heart to help build families, go for it!"

Becoming a Surrogate in Georgia

Georgia is a surrogacy-friendly state for both surrogates and parents. Reproductive Possibilities works with heterosexual couples, same-sex couples, and women who want to become surrogates for families in need. If you are interested in becoming a surrogate mother in Georgia, please complete the application.