How Does the Surrogate Application Process Work?

The desire to become a gestational surrogate is admirable in and of itself. It’s an incredible way to help another couple or individual achieve their dreams of becoming parents. At Reproductive Possibilities, we’re grateful for every single surrogate application that comes through our program. We also deeply understand that, as a first-time prospective surrogate, you’ll want to learn as much as possible about what to expect, including how the application process works.

If you’re exploring the idea of becoming a surrogate for the first time, the process may seem mysterious, but it’s actually very straightforward. In this blog post, we’ve outlined everything you can expect from the surrogacy application process.

The Surrogate Application Process: What You Need To Know

The Surrogate Application

The first step toward becoming a gestational surrogate is to complete and submit a surrogate application with our program. The application asks a series of questions so that you can provide details about your personal and medical history. For example, we’ll ask you to give us information about your previous pregnancies and deliveries, including whether there were any complications we’d need to be aware of from a medical perspective. 

The application will also ask you about your current support system and questions about your understanding of the role you will have in the surrogacy process. We’re looking for women who meet our surrogate requirements, but also who are entirely comfortable with what it means to be a surrogate for another family. We would never want someone to become a surrogate unless they fully understood and accepted their role. 

The Interviews

The next step in the application process to become a surrogate is the interviews. If we accept your application, our staff will connect with you directly to schedule a series of interviews with our team. We’ll want to have a few calls to discuss the information within your application more in-depth. For example, we might ask you to clarify your current household structure in terms of your support system at home, or if there were any medical concerns in your last pregnancy and/or delivery. 

These interviews also serve as a great opportunity for you to ask our team any questions you may have about becoming a surrogate. We always want to be aware of areas where you may have concerns as a prospective surrogate, especially if we’re able to provide clear answers and alleviate any hesitations. 

The Surrogate Profile

If the interview stage of the application process goes well, we will start to create your surrogate profile. This is the profile that intended parents who are searching for a gestational surrogate will review. Identifiable information such as contact details are not provided in this profile; our program respects your privacy. We work closely with surrogates to help create this profile. 

Medical Record Collection

The last step of the application process is the collection of your medical records. It is important that qualifying surrogates are able to confirm that their past pregnancies and deliveries were free from complications. This includes a clearance letter from your obstetrician stating that you are medically cleared to carry another pregnancy. We also ask for results from any Pap test you may have taken in the last 12 months. 

Once these records are gathered, they will be reviewed by the fertility clinic to confirm there are no medical concerns. The doctor/clinic will receive your records after you have matched with intended parents. The matching process begins when intended parents select your surrogate profile as a potential match for their growing family’s needs. At this stage, the application part of becoming a surrogate has concluded. 

If it seems like the application process is thorough, that is because it is intended as such. It is important that anyone who is able to qualify as a gestational surrogate is the right fit for our program and the process. We want to ensure that surrogates enjoy helping build families, that they are comfortable with their role, and feel completely supported each step of the way. The application process is broken up into clear stages so you always have an opportunity to connect with our team and ask any questions that need clarification. 

To learn more about becoming a surrogate, contact Reproductive Possibilities today.

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