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‘Tis the Season for Surrogacy: Navigating the Holidays with Hope and Harmony

As the holiday season is almost upon us, it brings unique considerations and experiences for those on the surrogacy journey. In this guide, discover tips for pregnant surrogates and intended

Exploring the Emotional Aspect of Surrogacy: Tips for Mental Well-being

Gestational surrogacy is a complex and emotionally challenging process that varies greatly for each individual involved. Emotions in surrogacy are influenced by factors such as cultural beliefs, support systems, and

Preparing for Surrogacy: Health, Fitness, and Wellness Tips

Embarking on the selfless path of gestational surrogacy can bring immeasurable joy to intended parents and provide life-long satisfaction to you as the surrogate, knowing that you’ve done something unique

Questions About Becoming an Intended Parent or Surrogate?