Apply to Become a Surrogate in Kentucky

Gestational surrogacy is one of the most amazing acts a woman can agree to take part in. There’s nothing like knowing that you made a significant and life-long impact in the lives of a growing family. Becoming a surrogate in Kentucky is an exciting opportunity, and the Reproductive Possibilities team is ready to help make your journey a reality. We work with surrogates from Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Owensboro, or and everywhere else in the Bluegrass State.

Your Guide to Becoming a Kentucky Surrogate

One of the first things prospective surrogates from Kentucky need to do is learn about the Reproductive Possibilities surrogacy program and the overall process you can expect. We have created a comprehensive guide for you below, with detailed information on how to become a Kentucky surrogate, what you can expect during matching, and all of the benefits surrogates enjoy.

  • Surrogacy in Kentucky
  • Surrogate Requirements in Kentucky
  • Surrogate Compensation in Kentucky
  • How Surrogates Match with Parents
  • Benefits of Being a Kentucky Surrogate
  • How to Become a Surrogate in Kentucky
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Surrogacy in Kentucky

At this time, Kentucky does not have any laws in place pertaining to gestational surrogacy arrangements. However, these arrangements are considered to be legal in the state. Because there are no laws in place, it is recommended that both potential surrogate candidates and aspiring intended parents connect with a third-party reproduction agency, such as Reproductive Possibilities. In addition to providing support and guidance, surrogacy agencies help ensure a safe, straightforward path to a successful surrogacy arrangement.

What is Surrogacy?

When you are accepted into a surrogacy program, you are agreeing to carry a child on behalf of someone else. Gestational surrogates are not the biological mother of the child they carry. The baby’s biological parents will be the intended parents and/or any donor they choose to work with.

How does surrogacy work in Kentucky?

Gestational surrogacy is legal in the state of Kentucky. However, because there are no laws in place to support or clarify what the surrogacy arrangement entails, it is strongly encouraged that those interested in becoming a surrogate or working with one work with an established surrogacy agency. National surrogacy agencies like Reproductive Possibilities are very knowledgeable about the legalities involved in drafting a surrogacy contract in Kentucky.

Surrogate Requirements in Kentucky

Surrogacy is a physical and emotional process. Because of this, requirements are put in place within our surrogate program that must be met before anyone is accepted. We maintain that every surrogate and child she carries has their health and safety put first, so requirements within our program are firm. A few of our requirements include:

  • A BMI between 18-33
  • Being between the ages of 21-44 years old*
  • Being a non-smoker (no tobacco or nicotine products)
  • Have given birth previously at least once without medical complications and less than three c-sections

*Please note, per our age requirement, an exception may be made if you are an experienced surrogate.

If our team accepts your application, we will contact you to schedule an interview, in which we will take a deeper dive into your candidacy. Learn more about surrogate requirements.

Surrogate Pay in Kentucky

Gestational surrogacy contracts provide compensation to surrogates for their role in the modern family-building process. Compensation for surrogacy in Kentucky is competitive, with packages ranging from $55,000 - $60,000 per cycle. Within this package is the surrogate’s base pay, any expenses relating to surrogacy, as well as benefits. In the event of multiple fetuses, such as if there are twins, you can expect to receive an additional $5,000. Experienced surrogates can receive a total higher compensation package due to having already completed a successful cycle.
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How Kentucky Surrogates and Parents Are Matched

Our team carefully reviews potential intended parents to ensure the best possible fit for you as a surrogate. Whenever possible, we do our best to match surrogates with local intended parents, or as close as possible. The Reproductive Possibilities team has years of experience working with growing families across the country, including all over Iowa.

The first step in the matching process is to conduct separate meetings with our surrogate and the potential intended parents. During these meetings, we ask a series of questions that help us understand everyone’s expectations and wishes for a surrogacy arrangement. If we feel that we have found a good match, we’ll schedule a group session to determine if all parties can come to an agreement on the following areas:

  • Does each party have a stable support system in place?
  • What does the plan for communication look like?
  • In the event of multiples (twins, etc.), what is the agreed-upon plan?

If the surrogate and intended parents can agree on the above points as well as anything else that is discussed during the group session, then it is considered to be a successful match.

To learn more, visit our surrogacy process page for surrogate mothers.

Benefits of Becoming a Surrogate in Kentucky

Gestational surrogacy’s life-long impact is the most remarkable part of any surrogate’s journey. Knowing the significant difference you have made in the lives of a couple or individual who might not otherwise have been able to have a child is an experience unlike any other. That being said, there are additional benefits to becoming a surrogate in Kentucky. As mentioned above, Kentucky surrogates are compensated for their time and efforts (up to $60,000). Surrogates are also provided access to their area’s best clinics and hospitals, from Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Owensboro, and everywhere in between.
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How to Become a Surrogate in Kentucky

Step one to becoming a gestational surrogate is completing an online application. The application will ask for your personal and medical histories. If our team feels that you have met our program’s requirements, we’ll reach out so we can discuss your background further. If you have any questions for our team at this time, we are happy to provide clarification on anything you’re curious about.

Become a Surrogate in Kentucky