The Cost of Surrogacy: Everything You Need to Know

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

Updated on 07/14/2021

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

One of our most asked questions is “how much does surrogacy cost?” Understanding the cost of surrogacy is incredibly important when making your decision to pursue a surrogacy journey. Surrogacy is a method of growing your family using a gestational carrier who will carry the embryo of intended parents until delivery day when the gestational surrogate brings the parents’ baby into the world. Some surrogacy journeys require the use of an egg donor or sperm donor in order to create embryos. The costs for the surrogacy process can vary, depending on the types of services that you require. Overall, a typical surrogacy journey can range from $80,000-$100,000+ (excluding medical costs and the costs for the IVF procedure and pregnancy).

When calculating how much surrogacy is going to cost, you can place expenses into four categories:

  • Surrogate Mother Agency and Legal Fees
  • Surrogate Fund Escrow Account Management
  • Surrogate Mother payments
  • IVF costs

Your exact surrogacy cost will depend on your specific surrogacy journey. It’s best to speak with your surrogacy agency to get a better understanding of the expenses you can expect. However, we’ve broken out the fees and expenses associated with a typical journey below. NOTE: these costs do not include IVF medical costs and expenses.

How much do surrogacy agency and legal fees cost?

Surrogacy agency legal fees can cost between $28,900 to $38,300. These costs cover the agency’s management of your journey, including intended parent support, surrogate matching, and coordination.

Intended parents will also pay the attorney fee for the gestational carrier’s representation, which typically costs between $750 and $1,500.

Are there any costs associated with the surrogacy screening process?

The screening process is a crucial stage in establishing a surrogacy agreement between intended parents and potential surrogates. In addition to medical screenings, surrogates must also undergo psychological counseling, a home study evaluation, and a criminal background check for herself and any member of her household who is over the age of 18. These screenings help to ensure that the surrogate will be able to complete her journey in a healthy and safe environment. Psychological counseling can cost between $1,000 to $2,500. The home study evaluation typically costs between $500 and $1,200. The criminal background check will cost approximately $250 per individual.

How much does escrow account management cost in surrogacy?

Funds related to the surrogacy process are held and managed through an escrow account, which helps to protect the intended parent(s)’s investment and ensure that the surrogate is accurately paid in a timely manner. Fees for the management of a surrogacy escrow account generally cost about $1,500.

How much compensation do surrogates receive?

The amount surrogates receive in compensation for their time and dedication varies according to a few key factors. For a pregnancy with a single fetus, the surrogate receives a base pay of $35,000; for a pregnancy with multiple fetuses, the compensation will be $40,000 or more. Experienced gestational carriers who have had successful surrogacy journeys in the past may request higher compensation. These payments are made by the intended parent(s) on a monthly basis over the course of a confirmed pregnancy.

What medical expenses are there in surrogacy?

In addition to IVF costs and expenses, medical expenses for a surrogacy journey can vary depending on a number of factors. Some expenses, such as doctor visits, delivery, and lab work will be dependent on the gestational carrier’s insurance coverage, if she has any. Other medical expenses are easier to predict in terms of cost. For example, an embryo transfer fee typically costs about $500 on average. Mock cycles or canceled cycles can cost between $350 to $750.

It’s also important to note that pregnancy-related medical expenses can include invasive procedures, such as amniocentesis, pregnancy reduction, and dilation and curettage. These procedures can cost between $500 to $1,000. Furthermore, if the surrogate requires a cesarean section birth, that will cost between $1,500 to $3,000.

How much does insurance cost for surrogacy?

It’s standard for intended parents to pay for a life insurance policy for their gestational surrogate. Monthly payments vary depending on several factors but typically fall between $300 to $800. Some intended parents also pay for health insurance for the surrogate if she does not have any, which can cost up to $30,000 for a policy.

What supplemental costs are associated with a surrogacy journey?

In addition to medical and legal costs, intended parents often pay for supplemental expenses, such as maternity clothes and transportation. Surrogates are typically given an allowance of $500 to $750 for maternity clothes. Transportation allowances are determined according to the surrogate’s location and local transportation options.

Intended parents will also pay for childcare so that the surrogate can perform her duties (ex. doctor visits) without needing to make extra arrangements to find care for her child or children. Childcare will also be needed if the surrogate needs to be confined to her bed during pregnancy. The cost for childcare ranges between $8 to $15 an hour. Furthermore, if the surrogate is confined to her bed during pregnancy, intended parents may also pay for housekeeping, which is about $50 a week.

Do intended parents pay for a surrogate’s lost wages?

If the surrogate is employed and has no disability insurance, she may be susceptible to lost wages during her time as a surrogate. Furthermore, her partner may also lose wages when their attendance is required. Intended parents are responsible for reimbursing these lost wages, the cost of which is determined based on salary.

Important Note: Medical Expenses incurred prior to the carrier’s discharge from the infertility clinic will not be covered by the carrier’s insurance. This will be an out of pocket cost for the Intended Parent(s). Please check with your fertility clinic for an estimate on these fees as they vary by clinic.

Costs for the medical procedure are not included in the estimated expenses, many couples’ insurance policies will cover these expenses. As a result, these costs are highly variable. 

The medical facility and Reproductive Possibilities, LLC can help obtain more detailed information upon request. This represents an estimate of the actual costs incurred. In some circumstances, costs may be less than those estimated. In some cases, costs may be greater. Intended Parents should use this sheet as a guide. Due to the unusual nature of these types of arrangements, this sheet should in no way be interpreted as a guarantee of costs incurred. Please note Reproductive Possibilities fees are subject to change. Please consult the office to ensure that the fee schedule you have is up-to-date.

We are happy to speak with Intended Parents about their specific journey with surrogacy, and to estimate costs with them. You can contact us by calling (888) 363-9457 or by filling out this form.

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