LGBTQ+ Family-Building Options: What Gay Men Need to Know About Surrogacy

Many people dream of having children, including LGBTQ+ couples and individuals. Thanks to advancements in fertility care and technology, aspiring LGBTQ+ parents, can grow their families biologically. Egg donation, in vitro fertilization (IVF), and surrogacy make it possible for men to fulfill their dreams of parenthood. For Pride Month, we want to discuss the surrogacy journey and how gay men can find their ideal gestational carrier with help from an accredited agency. 

Finding an Egg Donor

There are two types of surrogacy — traditional and gestational. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate is the biological mother of the child. However, due to legal complexities, surrogacy agencies only facilitate gestational surrogacy arrangements where the biological mother is a separate, anonymous egg donor.

After you pick an egg donor and they’ve been thoroughly screened, they’ll undergo an egg retrieval procedure. Their eggs will be fertilized with your and/or your partner’s sperm, and the resulting embryos will then be inserted into the uterus of your surrogate. 

The Surrogacy Journey

Pursuing surrogacy can be both exciting and overwhelming. After all, you are looking for a woman who will carry and deliver your precious bundle of joy. That’s why it’s important to consult with a reputable surrogacy agency. They can connect you with a surrogate who meets your specific needs and preferences. Once you find a match, the surrogate will undergo thorough physical and psychological screenings to ensure she is prepared to be a gestational carrier.

A surrogacy agency can also assist you in navigating the legal aspects of surrogacy, ensuring that all parties are in agreement from start to finish. Once the contracts are signed and payments are confirmed, the embryo transfer can be scheduled, and pregnancy can begin. Intended parents are encouraged to be involved in the pregnancy, attending appointments and providing support to the gestational carrier every step of the way. After the birth, the new parent(s) will bring their bundle of joy home, while the surrogate receives the joy of fulfilling someones dream and the benefit of compensation by giving deserving parent(s) the ultimate gift — a true win-win situation.

Start Your Journey to Fatherhood Today

Surrogacy is a beautiful yet complex journey. It starts with finding an egg donor and undergoing IVF, finding a gestational carrier, and finally navigating the pregnancy process and having your child. However, the end result makes it well worth your time and effort. At Reproductive Possibilities, we proudly support LGBTQ+ families and gay singles or couples looking to grow their families through surrogacy. For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation with our experienced team, contact us today.

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