Surrogacy Stories: Inspiring Tales from Experienced Surrogates

Gestational surrogacy is truly remarkable, as it enables you to bestow a unique and precious gift, providing individuals or couples the opportunity to expand their families. Your decision to embark on this journey, despite the potential challenges it may pose, adds an extra layer of generosity to your act. 

At Reproductive Possibilities, we understand first-hand that choosing to carry a baby for those in need is a complex decision. To offer insights into the experience, we invite you to learn from the firsthand accounts of some of our dedicated surrogates. Their stories can provide valuable perspectives on the fulfilling and compassionate nature of gestational surrogacy.

Brianna, a First-Time, Fulfilled Surrogate

“I recently completed my first journey as a gestational carrier with Reproductive Possibilities, and am so thankful for having such a smooth and enjoyable journey. My coordinator, Patricia, always reached out to me to make sure I was feeling okay and was helpful as could be. I never felt like just another person to them. Thank you, RP for helping me help complete a family. I will forever be grateful for this experience.”

– Brianna

Kristie’s Tale as a Repeat Surrogate

“For years, I had known I wanted to be a gestational carrier. I truly enjoyed pregnancy, and being a Momma myself, my heart ached for infertile couples who wanted a baby, but couldn’t achieve parenthood by natural means. In 2008, I posted a general inquiry on an online surrogacy board, and that’s when Reproductive Possibilities, founded and managed by Melissa Brisman, reached out to me saying they could help match me with intended parents and help guide me through the process. They far exceeded my expectations! I ended up carrying 6 beautiful babies for 4 wonderful families (2009, 2011, 2015, 2017), utilizing Reproductive Possibilities each time. If you’re interested in being a gestational carrier, I’d highly recommend going through Reproductive Possibilities!

– Kristie

Melissa’s Message: Working With a High-Quality Surrogacy Agency is Crucial

“I’ve been wanting to help another couple by becoming a Gestational Carrier for 8 years before deciding to apply after having my first child. Reproductive Possibilities was the one that still stuck out to me the most. Their application was very specific and the health screenings were easy and painless. RP is very thorough, which is great considering how many lives will be affected by this process. It was an amazing journey and the whole process was exciting and fun. Seeing the IPs smiling while holding their newborn made all of those sleepless nights, out-of-breath days, and nausea all worth it!! I would highly recommend RP to those looking to become a surrogate, as well as an intended parent. RP is very wonderful, helpful, and knowledgeable in every aspect!”


Putting a Voice to the Surrogacy Journey

Gestational surrogacy is a unique service that allows families to grow. It is a major decision, so you may benefit from hearing about other women’s experiences. If interested in applying, or for general surrogacy questions, we invite you to contact Reproductive Possibilities today.

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