The Best Surrogacy Books for Kids

the best surrogacy books for kids

While surrogacy has become more popular in recent years as more and more celebrities are using surrogacy to grow their families, there is still a lot of information available that people don’t know. There are many resources available to help prepare intended parents and surrogates for their journeys as well as books about surrogacy and how to talk to your children about it. These resources can be found in book form, digitally, on social media, and in publications that focus on fertility and parenting.

If you are a intended parent or parent through surrogacy or you are a surrogate yourself and looking to talk to your children about surrogacy, we’ve compiled a list of some great books. These books all tell different stories about surrogacy, growing a family, and that the number one most important ingredient in a family is love.

Books for Educating Kids About Surrogacy

The Kangaroo Pouch by Sarah A Phillips

The Kangaroo Pouch is one of the most popular books about surrogacy available on the market. It is an excellent book for talking to your children about surrogacy and why and how it happens.

You can purchase The Kangaroo Pouch on Amazon for kindle or hard copy.

The Very Kind Koala by Kimberly Kluger-Bell

If you’re looking to talk to young children about what surrogacy is and how it happens, The Very Kind Koala is a great choice. It’s for a younger audience, so read this with your children 2-6!

You can purchase The Very Kind Koala on Amazon for Kindle or hard copy.

Sophia’s Broken Crayon by Crystal Falk

Sophia’s Broken Crayon is a critically acclaimed story that provides an overview of what surrogacy is through the metaphor of Sophia and her broken crayons. This book is great for younger kids who don’t understand yet why families may need to use a surrogate to have a baby. This is a great read for bedtime with the whole family.

You can purchase Sophia’s Broken Crayon on Amazon for Kindle or hard copy.

Why I’m So Special by Carla Lewis-Long

Why I’m So Special is an amazing book about two gay dads as they tackle the difficult challenge of explaining to their child how she came to be! Ultimately this book is really about love and how much love it takes to make a family. This is great for any parent looking to talk to their child about surrogacy and how children come to be.

You can purchase Why I’m So Special in paperback on Amazon.

Grown in Another Garden by Crystal Falk

Grown in Another Garden is another book by Crystal Falk explaining surrogacy to children ages 2-8. It is another great book that tells the story of a young boy born through surrogacy. His parents explain to him how he came to be with the help of a surrogate. This is another great family read and is helpful when starting the conversations about where children born through surrogacy come from!

You can purchase Grown in Another Garden in paperback on Amazon.

The Baby Kangaroo Treasure Hunt and The Twin Kangaroo Treasure Hunt by Carmen Martinez Jover

The Kangaroo Treasure Hunt books are wonderful tools for introducing the concept of surrogacy to young children. These books feature two gay dads that are explaining egg donation and surrogacy to their young child(ren). The books are able to tackle a serious concept in a lighthearted and loving way. These books would make a great addition to any child’s bookshelf!

You can purchase The Baby Kangaroo Treasure Hunt and The Twin Kangaroo Treasure Hunt in paperback on Amazon.

Daddy Dog and Papi Panda’s Rainbow Family by Anthony Hale

This book is phenomenal for explaining to children all of the different ways that love can make a family. Daddy Dog and Papi Panda’s Rainbow Family discusses growing a family through both surrogacy and adoption. This amazing book is perfect for children of same sex parents as well as for any parent that wishes to teach their child(ren) about all of the different ways a family can grow and exist.

You can purchase Daddy Dog and Papi Panda’s Rainbow Family in paperback on Amazon.

For those of you that have also used an egg donor or egg donation to help grow your family, there are also many great resources available to use as tools for talking to your children. We’ve got two great suggestions for books about egg donation.

Mommy Was Your Tummy Big? by Carolina Nadel

Mommy Was Your Tummy Big is one of the best books available about egg donation, IVF, and how it all works together to help make a family. This book is great for very young children who may be asking questions about where they came from.

You can purchase Mommy Was Your Tummy Big? in hardback on Amazon.

The Pea That Was Me (An Egg Donation Story) by Kimberly Kluger-Bell and Jane Raese

The Pea that Was Me is a great book to use when starting to talk to your children about egg donation, egg donors, and how egg donation leads to a family. The “pea people” featured in the book are fun and interesting and explain the concept of egg donation in a meaningful and loving way. We recommend reading this book to children when they first start asking questions about how they came to be and how egg donation makes a family.

You can purchase The Pea That Was Me for Kindle or in paperback on Amazon.

Stay tuned for our blog post featuring the best surrogacy books for adults!

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