Melissa B. Brisman was featured in The Daily Beast on August 1, 2020.

How is COVID-19 Impacting Surrogacy?

Melissa B. Brisman, founder of Reproductive Possibilities and New Jersey-based reproductive lawyer, has been quoted in an article titled "An American Surrogate Had His Baby. Then Coronavirus Hit" published by the Daily Beast. When talking about the impact of COVID-19, she stated that one of her intended mothers was trapped in Ghana when the country sealed its borders and cancelled most of its flights. The woman was forced to travel to Morocco, hire a lawyer, and negotiate a seat on a private plane leaving for the United States. It took her more than six weeks to be united with her baby, and Brisman said she called, crying, every day.

Who is Taking Care of the Children?

The Daily Beast states that in some cases, agency employees or past surrogates have agreed to take custody of the children until their parents arrive. While no hotel lobbies have been transformed into nurseries as in Ukraine, at least one of Brisman’s clients had to call in a charity to take care of her child.

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The full article, posted on the Daily Beast, telling the story of the surrogate that cared for her surrogate baby after the birth and during the COVID-19 pandemic can be found here.

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