Path2Parenthood Provides a Generous Surrogacy Grant Through the Help of an Anonymous Celebrity Donor

Path2Parenthood Provides a Generous Surrogacy Grant Through the Help of an Anonymous Celebrity Donor

NEW YORKJuly 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — When an anonymous, celebrity donor, wished to bestow a $10,000 grant to someone in need of surrogacy, he turned to Melissa B. Brisman, Esq. A longtime supporter of the family-building nonprofit, Path2Parenthood (P2P), Ms. Brisman knew exactly what to do. Immediately, the wheels were put into motion. Today, P2P is proud to announce that this generous grant has been provided to a woman with Alport’s syndrome, a genetic condition which leaves her unable to carry a baby, without risking kidney failure. In addition to supporting her and her husband to start their family, genetic testing will also make it possible for her to have a child, without fear of passing this devastating disease onto future generations.

Path2Parenthood’s surrogacy grant was provided to the grateful recipient through Nest Egg Foundation, Inc., a Connecticut-based, not-for-profit organization, which provides financial grants to those unable to start their families, due to financial need. Path2Parenthood partnered with Nest Egg because it is an established non-profit with an aligned mission, and vetting process. All medical procedures associated with the grant will be provided through Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT), a Fertility Center of Excellence, which proudly accepts grant recipients.

“Please pass along our heartfelt thank you to the donor who funded the surrogacy grant,” said Amy Matton, Nest Egg Foundation’s Vice President, and coordinator for RMACT’s Integrated Fertility and Wellness Program. “We at Nest Egg are so grateful to be able to facilitate this opportunity. The grant recipient also asked that her anonymous donor be told of the tremendous help this grant will be. “My husband and I have been married for three years now, and we are ready to give love and knowledge to children who are happy and healthy! My family thanks you, as we are now able to eradicate this gene from our family line. Your donation has been a blessing, after enduring many hardships. Thank you, thank you!” she adds.

“We at Path2Parenthood are grateful to our generous, anonymous donor, and to Ms. Brisman, for facilitating this arrangement. It is P2P’s mission to help hopeful parents achieve their goal of having a family, despite boundaries, such as financial hardship. We are happy to have been a cog in this wheel, and also extend our thanks to Nest Egg Foundation, Inc., and to RMACT, for making this couple’s dreams come true,” said Don Hribek, Path2Parenthood’s Acting Executive Director.

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