When Parents And Surrogates Disagree On Abortions

By Katie O'Reilly

February 19, 2016>

An ongoing legal battle between a gestational carrier of triplets and a father-to-be shows the messiness of surrogacy contracts. When a woman agrees t

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Manhattan couple sues to get their names on birth certificate of boy born through surrogate

By Barbara Ross

January 28, 2016

We did it! He's OURS!! That's what a Manhattan couple wants the whole world — and the legal system — to know about a little boy born last summer i

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Lawsuit Filed by Surrogate Mother Raises New Legal, Moral Issues

By Shawn Radcliffe

January 20, 2016

Recent high-profile cases around surrogacy and frozen embryos raises questions about these alternative routes to parenthood. Frozen embryos. Donated

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Reproductive law spurs debate among Pike Bar members

Keynote speaker Melissa Brisman shares expertise in this niche practice

Dec 9, 2015 at 6:55 pm (Updated Dec 9, 2015)

MILFORD — The Pike County Bar Association last month held a special Continuing Learning Event at Balch’s Seafood Restaurant in Milford. Among the nine

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How 2 Women Became Friends After Bonding at IVF Clinic – and Ended up Giving Birth to Siblings

By Pam Grout

November 24, 2015

When Melissa Greenberg met Tina Kolovchevich five years ago, she knew immediately she wanted to be friends. They were both professionals in New York, both in their 40s and both struggling to become moms. "We hit it off right away

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Sherri Shepherd Must Remain on Birth Certificate of Son Born Via Surrogate, Pay Child Support

By Diane Herbst

November 24, 2015

Former The View co-host Sherri Shepherd lost her fight to have her name removed from the birth certificate of the son she had via surrogate, and she must continue paying child support for the 1-year-old boy being raised by her

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Each Journey to Parenthood is Unique!

Learn about Melissa Brisman's family building experiences, featured in The Pennsylvania Gazette.

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A Surrogate Agency with a Personal Touch

Reproductive Possibilities offers a personal touch that can only come from someone who has gone through the process themselves. Melissa Brisman personally experienced the process of locating a surrogate and fertility clinic, as well as navigating the legal challenges and arrangements necessary to help her build a family of her own. She not only found her way through these challenges, but continues to pave the way for others as well. This experience and the joy of finally holding her children in her arms, inspired her to create an agency focused on guiding Intended Parents and Surrogates. Contact Us today to start your journey.


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