Clinics face legal, ethical issues alone

By Nancy Parello, Trenton Bureau

The Record, NJ

August 15, 2001

While reproductive technology soars ahead, the state Legislature has remained silent on the serious ethical issues that arise when couples use science to help create babies. The

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Sharing a Pregnancy

By Ellen Glazer, Boston Sunday Globe, MA

June 10, 2001

What is it like for a women to bear another woman's child? It is easier than you might expect Marla Culliton is a dental hygienist with many loyal patients, and she knows they don’t like surp

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Three sisters, one baby

By Hallie Levine, Ladies Home Journal

January 2001

Alicia Weaver was twenty-seven when she was diagnosed with leukemia. Her sister saved her life-and gave her the family she’d always dreamed of. Although Alicia Weaver was busy commuting from her

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Once again, court finds ‘mom’ isn’t simple word

By Leslie Brody, Staff Writer, World Wide Infertility Network

March 29, 2000

If an infertile woman has her egg implanted in another woman to carry to term for her, who is the official mother? That's the thorny question Judge Ellen J. Koblitz, presiding judge

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Lawyers help bring baby home

By MaryAnne Motter Cullen, The Legal Intelligence - Suburban, Volume 5, No. 12

March 22, 2000

Surrogacy Arrangements Appear to be on the Rise When desperate clients come to see Melissa Brisman, They see her as their last hope for having a biological

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Each Journey to Parenthood is Unique!

Learn about Melissa Brisman's family building experiences, featured in The Pennsylvania Gazette.

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A Surrogate Agency with a Personal Touch

Reproductive Possibilities offers a personal touch that can only come from someone who has gone through the process themselves. Melissa Brisman personally experienced the process of locating a surrogate and fertility clinic, as well as navigating the legal challenges and arrangements necessary to help her build a family of her own. She not only found her way through these challenges, but continues to pave the way for others as well. This experience and the joy of finally holding her children in her arms, inspired her to create an agency focused on guiding Intended Parents and Surrogates. Contact Us today to start your journey.


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