Melissa B. Brisman, founder of Reproductive Possibilities and New Jersey-based reproductive lawyer, has been quoted in an article titled Why Fixing Second-Parent Adoption in NY is a Big Deal on Romper. When asked about the issue, Melissa is quoted as saying "It’s a complicated issue, made more confusing because the process varies from state to state and is different when there’s a heterosexual relationship versus a homosexual relationship." She then breaks down the differences and how second-parent adoption can impact families long term.

What is Second-Parent Adoption?

The article discusses the legislation in New York to fix second-parent adoption in the state. As stated in the piece: "Since the parental rights over a child automatically go only to the biological parent of the child, anyone without this bio-status needs to technically adopt their child. This is a second-parent adoption. Many parents who have gone through second-parent adoption in New York say it’s a long, arduous process to adopt their own child, but this may be about to change."

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The full article on the subject of fixing second-parent adoption and surrogacy can be found here.

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