Becoming a Parent Through Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a wonderful way to grow your family. Intended Parents who live in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York have access to many top-rated local fertility clinics, as well as the premier surrogacy agency, Reproductive Possibilities, located right in New Jersey!

Overview of Surrogacy

Surrogacy helps so many achieve their dreams of parenthood.

Gestational surrogacy uses an embryo created outside of the surrogate mother’s body, and the embryo is then implanted into the surrogate’s uterus. Using IVF, intended parents can establish a biological relationship to the child by using their own sperm and/or eggs. The eggs are fertilized in an IVF facility outside of the woman’s body, and the embryo is transferred to the gestational carrier’s uterus. Intended parents may also use donor eggs and/or donor sperm to make their embryos.

Reproductive Possibilities works with intended parents from all over the world — domestic and international, heterosexual and LGBTQ+, couples and singles.

Surrogacy can feel like a complex process, involving many professionals, such as agency coordinators, reproductive endocrinologists, lawyers and more. Working with a reputable surrogacy agency who manages the process can help you navigate the journey.
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Connecticut, New Jersey and New York: Great States for Surrogacy

The tri-state area provides top-rated fertility clinics and premier local surrogacy agencies such as Reproductive Possibilities (located right in NJ!) to help intended parents become parents safely and easily, close to home.

If you're considering surrogacy and you live in Connecticut, New Jersey or New York, you have amazing resources local to you.

3 benefits to surrogacy in CT, NJ and NY

Best-in-class IVF clinics. The tristate area is home to many top-rated fertility clinics, including RMA NJ, New England Fertility, The New York Fertility Center, Generation Next Fertility and more. Intended parents can work with a clinic close to home.

Local surrogate mothers. Connecticut and New Jersey (and now NY!) are surrogate friendly states, as well as the states surrounding the tristate area. This means that intended parents can be matched with a gestational carrier who lives within driving distance, which can help build your bond and reduces travel costs.

Local surrogacy agency. Reproductive Possibilities is located in Montvale, NJ - easy to access from CT, NY and NJ. You'll meet with Melissa Brisman, RP's founder and parent through surrogacy, who is a leader in surrogacy and reproductive law.

Why CT, NJ and NY Parents Choose Reproductive Possibilities

20+ years of experience, over 2,100 babies

Melissa Brisman, the founder of Reproductive Possibilities, was her own first surrogacy client. She has personal experience as an intended parent – understanding all that goes into a surrogacy journey – from choosing a fertility clinic to having the right agency and legal support.

Because of her strong ties to the local community and tristate area, Melissa has developed strong partnerships with many clinics in CT, NJ and NY; many of these clinics will recommend patients seeking surrogacy reach out and speak to Melissa about their journey to parenthood.

At Reproductive Possibilities, intended parents have the option of choosing the type of support they desire – from full journey management to more of an ad hoc basis.

RP will work with you to personalize your surrogacy journey, partner with your local clinic, and keep costs down by keeping your journey close to home.

Surrogacy Laws in CT, NJ and NY

Connecticut is a surrogacy-friendly state. There is no statutory law, however there is Supreme Court case law that allows intended parents to do paid surrogacy and get pre-birth orders as long as the gestational carrier's egg is not used. Intended parents can be couples or individuals, gay or straight, and use donors or their own eggs.
New Jersey
In 2018, New Jersey adoption the Gestational Carrier Act. The Act allows all couples – married or not – and singles to enter into a surrogacy agreement and use any genetic material as long as it is not the gestational carrier's. Psychological screening is required as well as legal representation on both sides. Pre-birth orders are granted in all cases.
New York
Starting in February 2021, compensated surrogacy will be legal in New York! (Until then, Intended Parents from New York may enter into surrogacy contracts with gestational carriers from surrogacy-friendly states).

Like Connecticut and New Jersey, all couples – married or not – and singles to enter into a surrogacy agreement and use any genetic material as long as it is not the gestational carrier's.

New York, however, may not be as cost effective of a state to do surrogacy; the new law has some requirements which include paying for unlimited legal counsel for the carrier, life and health insurance for a year after birth and giving the carrier complete control over all medical decisions without consequence.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

Total surrogacy costs can be $80,000-$100,00+

This is an estimated total expense for a successful IVF pregnancy with Reproductive Possibilities. Because every journey is unique, the expenses associated with each intended parent will vary.

This total cost does not include medical costs for the IVF procedure and pregnancy, which will be paid directly to the intended parents' clinic. In some instances, the intended parents' insurance policies may cover these expenses.

For a more detailed cost estimate, please call our office at 201.505.0078.

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Matching with a Gestational Carrier

Matching with a gestational carrier – or surrogate mother – is one of the most exciting times in your journey.

How long does matching take?

The timeline for a successful match with a surrogate can vary, depending on your personal preferences. For example, if you live in Connecticut, New Jersey or New York and you'd like to work with a local surrogate, the surrogate's location may affect how long it takes to find a match. Some areas, including the northeast, are desirable for gestational carriers.

Finding the right match.

Finding the right match is an important first step, as we want you to feel comfortable and confident moving forward. Once we find a surrogate that matches the criteria you shared with the RP team, we will share their profile for you to review. The surrogate profile consists of the potential surrogate’s application, photos of her and her family and additional information about her to help intended parents get to know her and what brought her to surrogacy. Within a couple of days, you can decide to move forward with that surrogate or continue searching.

The first meeting with your potential surrogate.

If you choose to move forward, we will schedule a time to introduce all parties — either on the phone or through video chat — to determine a good fit. A member of the Reproductive Possibilities team will also be on this call and will help guide the conversation, asking questions to help everyone to get to know each other better.

After the initial meeting, both parties will let Reproductive Possibilities know if they would like to move forward. If all parties agree, the surrogate will be officially matched with you.

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