Becoming a Parent Through Surrogacy in New York

Intended parents in New York hoping to grow their families through surrogacy have the benefit of living near top-rated fertility clinics, as well as Reproductive Possibilities, a premier surrogacy agency in New Jersey. We offer support at each step of the journey, from understanding the process to finding the right surrogate match.

Surrogacy: What Is It and How Does It Work?

For couples and individuals who are unable to grow their families because of infertility, biological inability, age, or a number of other possible factors, surrogacy offers a viable method of assisted reproduction that can help them achieve their dreams of parenthood.

During gestational surrogacy, a woman carries a pregnancy for someone else without having a genetic connection to the child. The intended parents can establish a biological relationship to their future child through the use of their own sperm and/or eggs to make their embryos, or use donor eggs and/or donor sperm. The eggs are fertilized through in vitro fertilization (IVF) at an IVF facility before transfer to the surrogate’s uterus.

Surrogacy can have layers of financial, legal, and emotional complexity for intended parents, and the process involves working with a number of professionals across industries, including fertility doctors and lawyers. That’s why it’s crucial for intended parents to work with a surrogacy agency that can manage the moving parts and help them navigate the journey with ease.

Reproductive Possibilities is proud to have helped so many individuals and couples from around the world on their paths to parenthood. We’re committed to supporting both parents and surrogates as they navigate this exciting and fulfilling journey.
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Why New York Is a Great State for Surrogacy

Location is an important factor in the surrogacy process. Because Reproductive Possibilities is located in New Jersey, intended parents in New York have easy access to an agency that’s renowned for its surrogacy services. Part of our commitment to all intended parents is helping them achieve their dreams of parenthood as close to home as possible.

Surrogacy in New York: Three Key Benefits

Surrogate mothers living locally. Compensated surrogacy is legal in New York as of February 2021, meaning intended parents can enter into a surrogacy agreement with a gestational carrier who lives in the state. New Jersey and Connecticut are also surrogacy-friendly, accessible states, and matching with a surrogate who lives within driving distance can help build your bond and reduce travel expenses.

Top-rated IVF clinics. New York is home to many best-in-class fertility clinics, including The New York Fertility Center, Generation Next Fertility, and more. Intended parents in the state have the benefit of working with a clinic within close proximity.

A premier surrogacy agency, right in New Jersey. Reproductive Possibilities is located in Montvale, NJ, which is easily accessible from New York. Once you connect with us, you'll meet with Melissa Brisman, the founder of Reproductive Possibilities and a parent through surrogacy, who is also a leader in surrogacy and reproductive law.

Reproductive Possibilities: The Agency of Choice for NY Intended Parents

We have 20+ years of experience and over 2,100 babies born

When you work with Reproductive Possibilities, you are in the hands of experts with first-hand experience. Melissa Brisman, the founder of the agency, was her own first surrogacy client. Having been an intended parent herself, she has insight into all aspects of the surrogacy journey, from choosing a fertility clinic to having the right agency and legal support.

Melissa’s partnerships with many New York fertility clinics make her an ideal resource for intended parents in the area. She has shared her knowledge of the surrogacy process with many patients seeking more information.

Surrogacy is not a one-size-fits-all journey, which is why we allow intended parents the flexibility to choose their own level of support with Reproductive Possibilities. Whether you’re interested in full journey management or assistance on an ad hoc basis, we will make the experience personalized to your unique situation, which includes partnering with your clinic and helping to keep your costs in check.

An Overview of Surrogacy Laws in New York

New York

Compensated surrogacy is legal in New York since February 2021. Until then, Intended Parents from New York could enter into surrogacy contracts with gestational carriers from surrogacy-friendly states.

Like Connecticut and New Jersey, all couples — married or not — and singles enter into a surrogacy agreement and use any genetic material as long as it is not the gestational carrier’s.

New York, however, may not be as cost effective of a state to do surrogacy; the new law has some requirements which include paying for unlimited legal counsel for the carrier, life and health insurance for a year after birth and giving the carrier complete control over all medical decisions without consequence.

Surrogacy Costs in New York

Intended parents in New York can expect a total cost of $80,000-$100,000+

While $80-100K is an estimate for a successful IVF pregnancy with our agency, expenses can vary depending on the specifics of the journey. We know the financial aspects of a fertility journey can be challenging and stressful for many intended parents, and our team works to support you during the process.

It’s important to note that this estimate does not include medical costs for the IVF procedure and pregnancy, which is paid directly to the intended parents' clinic. In some cases, insurance policies may cover these costs.

We understand you may have many questions about costs, and we’re happy to discuss them with you in more detail. Contact our office at 201.505.0078.

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Finding a Gestational Carrier in New York

Matching with your gestational carrier is an incredibly important moment in your journey to parenthood. When getting started, it’s important to consider your expectations around timeline, location, and communication.

How long does it take to match with a surrogate?

The timeline for matching with a surrogate can vary depending on a few factors, including location. If you’re interested in working with a local surrogate in New York, it may be easier to make the match, as the northeast is desirable for gestational carriers.

How do I find the right surrogate?

Finding the right surrogate match is an essential and exciting step that will help empower the journey ahead. After finding a surrogate that matches your criteria, the RP team will share their profile with you for review. The profile includes the potential surrogate’s application, photos of her and her family, and some additional information to give you more insight into her life and her reasons for being a surrogate. From there, you can decide to move forward or continue the search process.

If I find a potential match, do we meet?

Yes! We will schedule an introductory meeting on the phone or through video chat to determine whether you and the potential surrogate are a good match. Someone from the Reproductive Possibilities team will join and help guide the conversation, asking the right questions to ensure transparency and help all parties involved get to know one another.

If everyone agrees to move forward after this first meeting, the surrogate and intended parent(s) will be officially matched.

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