Reimbursement / Fees

How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid?

As a surrogate mother, you can earn between $55,000-$60,000 with your base compensation and additional surrogate benefits. Surrogates are generally compensated a base fee of $35,000 or more for a single fetus and an additional $5,000 for a multiple birth. Experienced gestational carriers usually receive significantly higher compensation. All women interested in becoming a surrogate mother should fill out the questionnaire, which asks the question about how much they would like to be paid to be a gestational carrier. Learn more about our surrogate requirements, and what we look for in a surrogate.

I. Surrogate Mother’s Reimbursements

A. Single fetus Approx. $35,000
B. Multiple birth $5,000 additional*

II. Surrogate Mother’s Covered Reimbursements/Expenses

A. Term life insurance $500,000 face amount
B. Maternity clothing $500/$750 multiples
C. Carrier’s transfer fee $500
D. Cancelled transfer fee after the start of injectible medications $350
E. Mock cycle fee $500
F. Invasive Procedures (Amnio, CVS, Termination, Selective Reduction, D&C) $500
G. Delivery Via C-Section $1500
H. Medical expenses (not covered by carrier’s insurance policy) for doctor visits, delivery, lab work etc
I. Psychological counseling
J. Criminal background check
K. Travel & transportation expenses

III. Other Possible Covered Expenses for Surrogate Mothers

A. Lost wages (if carrier is employed & is w/o disability insurance) Based on Salary
B. Housekeeping (if carrier is confined to bed during pregnancy) $50.00 per week
C. Child care (if carrier is confined to bed during pregnancy) $8-15 an hour
D. Child care when performing duties under the contract (i.e. Doctors Visits) $8-15 an hour
E. Spouse’s lost wages when attendance is required $1500 cap
F. Health insurance