Reimbursement / Fees

Compensation for Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Surrogate mothers are generally compensated $35,000 or more for a single fetus and an additional $5000 for a multiple birth. Please note that experienced surrogate mothers usually receive significantly higher amounts of compensation. However, all surrogates must fill out the questionnaire, which asks how much you would like to be paid for this undertaking.

I. Surrogate Mother’s Reimbursements

A. Single fetus Approx. $35,000
B. Multiple birth $5,000 additional*

II. Surrogate Mother’s Covered Reimbursements/Expenses

A. Term life insurance $500,000 face amount
B. Maternity clothing $500/$750 multiples
C. Carrier’s transfer fee $500
D. Cancelled transfer fee after the start of injectible medications $350
E. Mock cycle fee $500
F. Invasive Procedures (Amnio, CVS, Termination, Selective Reduction, D&C) $500
G. Delivery Via C-Section $1500
H. Medical expenses (not covered by carrier’s insurance policy) for doctor visits, delivery, lab work etc
I. Psychological counseling
J. Criminal background check
K. Travel & transportation expenses

III. Other Possible Covered Expenses for Surrogate Mothers

A. Lost wages (if carrier is employed & is w/o disability insurance) Based on Salary
B. Housekeeping (if carrier is confined to bed during pregnancy) $50.00 per week
C. Child care (if carrier is confined to bed during pregnancy) $8-15 an hour
D. Child care when performing duties under the contract (i.e. Doctors Visits) $8-15 an hour
E. Spouse’s lost wages when attendance is required $1500 cap
F. Health insurance