Testimonials from Intended Parents who worked with our Surrogate Agency

We knew from the first minutes of our first meeting with Melissa that we wanted to work with her and that she and her team would not rest until we had our baby. That was the one thing that was definitive to us in this complicated, roller coaster of a process.

Our experience with Melissa was just as she promised. She described the type of surrogate she thought would be right for us and then went out and found her – an extraordinary woman and her extraordinary family. Melissa guided us to the perfect right clinic and the specific doctor there that would be the right match for us. And just as she described – after our baby was born in VA, all the paperwork to have both of our names on the birth certificate was taken care of by the hospital and her office.

And through it all we were gently guided with enthusiasm, kindness, care and love.

Richie Jackson & Jordan Roth

We met Melissa Brisman 18 years ago after we were just married.  At that time, there were very few Gestational Surrogacy agencies and lawyers available – especially that had The Intended Parents’ back.  After a year of research, we bonded with Melissa immediately and knew we had found the right person for us. 

Melissa was smart, savvy and knew the law. The fact that she had gone through the process for herself just two years before was telling – as she knew every step of the process personally and understood our (the Intended Parents) perspective.  Our first journey was challenging – that’s where Melissa really stepped up and we KNEW we had selected the right lawyer. Melissa was proactive and treated us like we were her only Client.  She navigated the waters, in a very tough situation, beautifully – and she kept us positive and calm throughout our pregnancy.  Our first daughter was born on April 19, 2002 and is the love of our lives. 

A year later, Melissa approached us about a second Carrier – as she wanted US to have the ‘special woman’ she had found.  I wasn’t sure about going through Surrogacy again – but she was confident that all would be smooth.  And it was.  Our second time with Melissa was an absolutely incredible, positive experience and we had twins on July 6, 2004.  Our family is complete and we owe it ALL to Melissa Brisman. There is nobody more knowledgeable or professional than Melissa. 

Since our children were born – Melissa has gone onto changing laws across the country and working tirelessly to legalize Gestational Surrogacy.  We follow every professional achievement she has had over the years and still continue to thank her to this day.  Thank you, Melissa!       

Amy & Matt Yallof

After years of struggling through a multitude of fertility treatments, we were reluctant to start a new journey. That reluctance quickly faded after the first phone call with Melissa. Working with Melissa and her team, especially Jayme, was nothing short of amazing. From the first time we sent over our photos, we were welcomed and made to feel comfortable, relaxed, and supported from beginning to end.

After guiding us through some small hiccups, they matched us with a wonderful carrier, who was, just as they said, wonderful for us. We welcomed our son March 2018 and starting our family had been the highlight of our lives. To all Intended Parents, as you make your decision, please know that Melissa and her staff will always be there for you along the way, even when you have those tough, worrisome days. They will support you, understand you, guide you, and make certain that you know that they are with you on your journey. As we gear up for baby number two, we are thrilled to work with Reproductive Possibilities again and add to our family!

Jahri & Takia

We were very excited to begin our journey to parenthood with Reproductive Possibilities. We met with Melissa Brisman in 2009, and spent time learning about the process and legal issues regarding having both of our names (as a same sex couple) on the birth certificate for our child when born. With recommendations from Melissa for a fertility doctor and the selection of a great state for our carrier, we happily started the process. We found an egg donor and created our embryos. We were matched with a surrogate and had three transfers that were not successful. It was hard for us to have the faith to continue, but our doctor, Melissa and her staff encouraged us to keep at it. They were right! Our next carrier also had three unsuccessful transfers and we had to find a new donor. That must have been the trick! Our next transfer gave us amazing results, we were expecting twins and we knew both our names would be on the birth certificate! We had an great relationship with our surrogate and Reproductive Possibilities throughout and have two beautiful daughters, who are the love and joy of our lives! We know that the care and consideration of Melissa and her staff made this happen! It’s hard to hear about unsuccessful transfers, but we hope that other intended parents have the faith to continue forward, as we did, so that their dreams can come true!

David Maupin and Stefano Tonchi

Dear Prospective Parents, We are writing this letter on behalf of Melissa Brisman. As a same sex couple we thought that the road to parenthood would be a bumpy one. We started our journey by talking to couples about different options, which included adoption and surrogacy. Our decision was that surrogacy would be the best route for us. We quickly started researching large agencies and was shocked by the amount of money it was estimated to cost. At a dinner party we were introduced to a husband and wife who were going through the same process. As we were sharing information we were advised to the benefits of using a private attorney for the surrogate process. Before this conversation the thought of a private attorney was never considered. We were given Melissa’s phone number and our lives have never been the same. With great excitement and anticipation we phoned Melissa Brisman for a consultation. Being a same sex couple we were nervous and didn’t know how we would be received. Much to our delight the office staff was fantastic. They were very friendly and well informed; we made an appointment with Melissa the following week. The consultation with Melissa gave us great hope and put us at ease regarding the journey we were about to embark on. We found her extremely understanding, considerate and caring of our situation. She explained to us in detail what we needed to do to complete the whole process. We were incredibly impressed with her patience and ability to answer any question we may have had. We found by using Melissa Brisman the cost was approximately half of what a conventional agency would have charged. With the help of Melissa Brisman we quickly found a gestational carrier and all other persons involved in the process. We again were highly impressed with all of her recommendations. On the second attempt the gestational carrier became pregnant with twins. At this point Melissa had advised us that we should petition the court to have the surrogate removed from the birth certificates. Again we found everyone in Melissa’s office incredibly helpful and diligent in this matter. To everyone’s delight Melissa triumphed in a landmark ruling in the county were our children were born. The birth mother was omitted from the birth certificate and her office is proceeding with a second parent adoption. We were so pleased with this experience that we have started the process again. With the help of Melissa and her staff, as well as our surrogate we are expanding our family.

Sincerely yours,

Steven, David, Claire & Lucy

Dear Prospective Parents, Many thanks to Melissa Brisman and her team for working to help more Americans complete their families. We were able to have our healthy, happy son and daughter thanks to a gestational carrier. Melissa’s hard work and dedication enabled us to achieve our dream of becoming parents. We are so happy that more families will be able to do the same.

Jodi Applegate & Michael Kay

Dear Prospective Parents, I would like to share with you my personal experience with Melissa Brisman. My husband and I first contacted her after enduring several miscarriages and learning that our infertility problems would not allow me to carry a baby. We did extensive research on how to go about finding a gestational carrier and what the process would entail. Spending endless hours reading everything I could get my hands on and surfing the Internet until all hours of the night, Melissa’s name was the one thing that kept showing up. I then, called the director of a Resolve chapter and questioned her on Melissa. I initially hesitated to call her, because much of what I read geared me towards believing I had to go through an agency to find a carrier. After speaking with the director, however, my mind was made up and I called Melissa for a consultation. Within a week we had our consult, and a month later we were matched with our carrier. The one thing I remember Melissa saying was not to jump at the first carrier profile just because we were anxious and ready to get the process started. She made it very clear that although there may be many qualified candidates, we may not “click” with all of them. She assured us that if the first few weren’t “perfect” matches, the next one would be. Inevitably, we screened several profiles before being matched with our amazingly wonderful carrier. Melissa made the process from the initial consultation, to the birth of our son, Ethan, virtually problem free. Any hurdle that arose, she took care of immediately and explained everything so that we understood what was happening then and what would happen next. Four months after Ethan’s birth, we began the process all over again, with the same carrier. We now have two beautiful children born through the miracle of using a gestational carrier. Our experience with Melissa has been nothing but positive. We owe her the world.


Lauren and Kurt

Melissa Brisman was referred to us by a friend whom had used her services in the past. From our very first meeting we were schooled in the intricacies of surrogacy and how the process would work, with step by step details. We were introduced to her very experienced and capable staff who handled everything for us. This included finding our clinic, our surrogate and provided several donor agencies for us to select a suitable donor from. We were given updates along the way, especially during the period leading up to the transfer of the embryos. There were a few a of those. It was a long process but were blessed with healthy twins (boy/girl) and today we are proud, VERY busy parents (smile), thanks to Melissa and her team at Reproductive Possibilities.

Peter and Marlon