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RP Family Feature: "Hope" is Here

It may have been years since George & Suzi worked with Reproductive Possibilities to build their family, but their bond and connection remain strong! George & Suzi’s family is complete and baby Hopelyn has grown into a beautiful little girl (almost identical to mom!). With such a sweet and interesting story, Alyssa asked Suzi if we could interview her and feature them as our first family feature. With a resounding yes and some picture help from Ashley, we are proud to share our first Family Feature with you!
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Surrogacy Terminology

For those of you just embarking on your surrogacy journey, you may have come across some terms or acronyms that you’re not familiar with. Things like “reproductive endocrinologist” can be shortened to “RE” and long winded words like Intended Parent can be easily nicknamed “IP”. These terms have become pretty common in the surrogacy world so to save you some time and confusion, check out our Glossary of Surrogacy Terms below!
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Surrogacy Screenings

The words “screening” and “testing” can sound intimidating or daunting, especially when no explanation is offered. When looking into becoming a gestational surrogate, you will probably see words like this often and though they may SOUND overwhelming, we’re here to settle your nerves! Let us tell you more about the different types of screenings a surrogate can expect. We hope that by offering more detail, they don’t seem as scary.
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Who are Intended Parents?

While surrogacy costs can be expensive, celebrities are not the only people to build or create their family(ies) this way. At Reproductive Possibilities, the majority of our Intended Parents are everyday people, with normal jobs and normal lives. We’ve worked with teachers, nurses, stay at home moms, small business owners, fitness instructors, insurance agents, event planners... the list goes on!
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Why does BMI matter for Surrogacy?

“Why does weight matter?” “Not all heavy women are unhealthy!” Almost daily, we’re asked why does weight or BMI matter so much? In order to become a gestational surrogate, you must meet certain qualifications and must pass certain screenings such as physical and psychological examinations. One requirement to becoming a gestational surrogate, is to have a healthy BMI. The BMI requirements for a surrogate mother can ....
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Bumps & Broomsticks

Every October 31st, people across the world dress in costumes that range from spooky zombies and creepy crawlies to pretty princesses and smiley sailors. Pregnant women can have a “spooktacular” time dressing up too! This year, we encourage you Mummies to get even more creative and imaginative. Incorporate your pregnancy into your costume and use that bump to your advantage!
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