The State Of Surrogacy In NJ

By Lindsay Podolak March 25, 2016 | 10:00 am For many adults, the journey to have a baby is a relatively straightforward one. A couple decides when the time is right and after a few attempts, they become pregnant. Nine months later, their little baby boy or girl enters the world. But it’s not
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When Parents And Surrogates Disagree On Abortions

By Katie O’Reilly February 19, 2016 An ongoing legal battle between a gestational carrier of triplets and a father-to-be shows the messiness of surrogacy contracts. When a woman agrees to become a gestational surrogate—meaning she’ll gestate an IVF-created embryo as it grows into a fetus—she and the commissioning parents will typically sign a legally
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Lawsuit Filed by Surrogate Mother Raises New Legal, Moral Issues

By Shawn Radcliffe January 20, 2016 Recent high-profile cases around surrogacy and frozen embryos raises questions about these alternative routes to parenthood. Frozen embryos. Donated sperm. Surrogate motherhood. In vitro fertilization. The options abound for couples and single people who want to have children but can’t do it on their own without some kind
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