Escrow Management

Escrow Management for Surrogacy Arrangements

The journey to parenthood through gestational surrogacy can be demanding mentally and emotionally. Our staff strives to ease the burden on intended parents as much as possible so that they can enjoy the journey and focus on the pregnancy and building their family. We facilitate communication between the intended parents throughout their journey and provide support and encouragement. We encourage intended parents to retain an experienced reproductive attorney so that the legal burden of the arrangement rests on the shoulders of a trained professional. Similarly, we encourage intended parents to retain a reliable escrow fund manager so that the burden of providing reimbursements and monies to their gestational carrier and third parties is off their shoulders as well.

Our office recommends Surrogate Fund Management, LLC to handle intended parents escrow. All funds held by SFM are fully insured. Based on the requirements and provisions of the Gestational Carrier Contract, SFM collects and scrutinizes receipts and gathers all supporting documents needed prior to making reimbursements. SFM also consults intended parents, as necessary, prior to reimbursing substantial expenses submitted. Finally, on a monthly basis, SFM provides a detailed account statement to intended parents so that they remain aware of disbursements being made from their account.

In this way, SFM removes the financial aspect of a gestational carrier arrangement from the shoulders of intended parents and fully assures the clients that their money is secure.