Bumps & Broomsticks

Bumps & Broomsticks

The Halloween tradition of dressing in costume is meaningful and longstanding. Every October 31st, people across the world dress in costumes that range from spooky zombies and creepy crawlies to pretty princesses and smiley sailors. Pregnant women can have a “spooktacular” time dressing up too! This year, we encourage you Mummies to get even more creative and imaginative. Incorporate your pregnancy into your costume and use that bump to your advantage!

Take a look at these BOO-tiful costume ideas:


Ride a bike this Halloween or phone home with everyone’s favorite alien, E.T.!
Items needed: red sweatshirt, ET’s face*, a towel, a small basket or crate, DIY tin foil handlebars

*ET’s face- can be printed or DIY then stuck on front of sweatshirt OR belly can be painted as ET’s face



No, I will not Snitch, you’ll have to wait and see if it’s a boy or a girl! Harry Potter fans can try this adorable look!

Items needed: black shirt/sweatshirt, Golden Snitch*,  tissue paper (even toilet paper!), StiffStuff (to frame the wings)

*Golden Snitch- can be printed or DIY then stuck on front of shirt OR belly can be painted as the Golden Snitch



Minion’s are such cute, friendly, and adored creatures, who wouldn’t want to be one for a day?

Items needed: yellow shirt/sweatshirt, blue suspenders, black ribbon, Mason Jar lid, black pipecleaners, DIY mouth and eyeball

*Pink ribbon for bow (optional)


Is it Smee you’re looking for? Peter Pan’s right hand man, Mr. Smee!

Items needed: blue/white striped shirt, blue comfy pants/shorts, brown sandals, eyeglasses, red beanie



As you Troll through ideas this year, maybe just save yourself the time and become a troll?!

Items needed: nude/tan dress, nude/tan shoes, *gem for bellybutton, colored wig (and LOTS of hairspray)

*Gem- This can be made with cupcake liners, construction or colored paper, stickers, etc. It’s up to you!


Black cats are not bad luck… In fact, they’re just the opposite! Be a playful kitten and ball of yarn this Halloween!

Items needed: black cat ears (headband), black shirt, black eyeliner and lipstick, colored yarn


“Witch” will your belly look like- a trick or a treat? Share your pictures with us!

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