Perhaps you know someone who was a surrogate. Maybe you’ve heard about surrogacy in the news lately. Or, perhaps you’re looking for a way to help others experience the greatest joy: parenthood.

No matter how you’ve come to surrogacy, making the decision to become a surrogate mother is not one to be taken lightly. Researching surrogacy, the surrogacy process and surrogacy agencies are helpful ways to ensure you understand exactly what surrogacy is, how it works, and what it means to carry a baby for someone.

Before filling out an application to embark on a surrogate pregnancy, here are 5 important things for you to ask yourself:


  1. Do I want to work with a surrogacy agency? Women who apply to become surrogates have the opportunity to choose between working with an agency, or working independently. Many women choose to work with an agency, who not only coordinates their entire journey, but who also helps match them with intended parents and provide support throughout their journeys.
  2. Do I meet the requirements to become a surrogate? Each woman who fills out an application must meet certain requirements in order to qualify to become a gestational carrier. A few of the requirements are: she must reside in a surrogacy-friendly state, have previously given birth without complications and she must meet minimum and maximum age and BMI requirements. Click here to see if you qualify!
  3. Do I have a support system in place? Being a surrogate is a wonderful opportunity, and it’s important that each woman who applies has a strong support system of family, friends and/or coworkers who will support her on her journey, and to be there to help her with appointments or childcare during the process (should you need it). Of course, your surrogacy agency will also provide you with support at every step.
  4. Do I understand what is expected of me, physically, in a surrogate pregnancy? A requirement to become a surrogate is that you have previously given birth (so you have that covered!). However, part of being a gestational carrier is working with an IVF clinic and following a protocol of medications including injections. Some women report feeling a few side effects from the medications, while others don’t experience anything at all. If you want to know more about the medications involved in a surrogacy journey, feel free to reach out to us.
  5. Do I have an understanding of how much a surrogate makes? As a gestational carrier, you will be compensated throughout the pregnancy for your emotional and physical commitment to growing a family for someone else. Compensation varies, but at Reproductive Possibilities, surrogates can be paid up to $55,000. This is a combination of your base fee and additional expenses and benefits  throughout your journey. Learn more about surrogate pay.

With so many intended parents who are hoping to grow their families through surrogacy, we are always looking for qualified women to become Reproductive Possibilities surrogates. If you’re ready to apply to become a surrogate, please fill out our application and one of our Surrogate Coordinators will reach out to you to talk you through the process and to answer any questions you might have.

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