Postpartum Perspectives

Postpartum Perspectives

“If you carry and deliver a baby as a surrogate mother, won’t you become attached?”

This is one of the more common misconceptions about being/becoming a surrogate. Our GC (gestational carrier) “MM” shared her postpartum thoughts with us and we’d like to share with all of you:



“This is real life postpartum. Adult diaper on, still looking pregnant, nursing pads floating around, taking care of stitches in unmentionable places. Eating healthy the majority of the time…although I love those Double Stuffed Oreos! Falling asleep in seconds only to wake to a “time to pump” alarm. And then being so proud of the result!🍼👊🏼

I’ve had so many people ask…how do you feel now? You bonded with the baby and now she’s not there, that must be hard. 

It’s not hard, it’s beautiful. When you become a surrogate, it’s not to have a baby. It’s to complete a family who so desperately wants a child but cannot make it happen on their own. It’s paying it forward by offering love and health for those 9 months. Of course it was incredible to feel her movements and see her growing inside of me. But what was growing even more was the anticipation of seeing her where she belongs- in the arms of her mommy and daddy, who get to love her for life. And me? I got to deliver that precious bundle and watch those first moments as they became a family. I get teary thinking of it, not because I miss her, but because I am so proud and honored to have been a part of something so beautiful. 🎀🥰”

Written by: Two Time Surrogate “MM”


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