How much do surrogates get paid?

How much do surrogates get paid?

How much does a surrogate make?

Becoming a gestational surrogate is one of the most giving and selfless things that a woman can do for others. One of the most-asked questions from women who are interested in becoming surrogate mothers is, “How much does a surrogate make?”

It’s important for surrogates – or gestational carriers – to be compensated fairly for the emotional, medical and physical sacrifices that come with a surrogate pregnancy. 

Typically, a firsttime surrogate will be paid a base fee, usually between $25,000 to $35,000. At Reproductive Possibilities, our base fee starts at $35,000. 


When do I get paid?

In most cases, your base fee would be divided between the 9 months of pregnancy. At Reproductive Possibilities, the first payment you receive is usually a “transfer fee” of $500 that would be sent upon completion of an embryo transfer. Your next payment is usually not sent until there is a confirmed pregnancy. (This is hopefully about two weeks after your embryo transfer.) Your third payment would be paid once our agency receives the confirmation of heartbeat(s) via ultrasound. 

From this point forward, you will receive your payments monthly.


Additional payments and benefits

Your contract can and may have additional surrogacy costs, expenses and/or reimbursements listed that you may be entitled to, such as:

  • Term life insurance ($500,000 amount)
  •  Maternity clothing ($500/$750 multiples)
  •  Carrier’s transfer fee $500
  •  Cancelled transfer fee after the start of injectable medications $350
  •  Mock cycle fee $500
  •  Invasive Procedure (Amnio, CVS, Termination, Selective Reduction, D&C) $500
  •  Delivery Via C-Section $1500
  •  Medical expenses (not covered by carrier’s insurance policy) for doctor visits, delivery, lab work, etc.
  •  Psychological counseling
  •  Travel & transportation expenses

Your IPs or your agency should be paying for your expenses for travel (flight, hotel, car service if needed). There are some cases where you may need to pay for incidentals like meals or an Uber to the clinic, but these expenses should be submitted on your expense form as they will be considered for reimbursement. (Tip: Always remember to hold on to your receipts!). 

Your contract can and may have additional fees noted, such as reimbursement for childcare (for when you travel or even for doctor visits), reimbursement for mileage driving to and from monitoring or doctors, housekeeping expenses if you are on bedrest, etc. You may also be able to be reimbursed for lost wages if you need to take time off from work for the surrogacy process (such as for a screening visit, embryo transfer, doctors appointments, recuperation time after delivery, etc). A list of ALL possible payments you can receive as a Reproductive Possibilities surrogate can be found here!


Our surrogates will tell you- money is definitely NOT what surrogacy is all about! However, it is good to know that you are compensated for your time and emotional and physical dedication, and protected by contracts (when working with an agency).


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