Happy Mother’s Day to ALL

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL

As a surrogacy agency, our job and goal is to match mothers with infertile couples or singles, and to guide them alongside the Intended Parent(s), to FINALLY becoming parent(s). In order to act as a surrogate, the main qualification is that they have given birth before. We work with women all over the United States and our common goal- is to create more MOTHERS (and parents 😊). The women acting as surrogates know the joy and love they feel as a mother and want to give that to someone else.

For those women that are infertile or are not able to carry a child of their own, just because they may not be able to birth and deliver their child, they can still become a mother. Once they do finally get to hold the child that their surrogate delivered, or that they fostered and adopted, or adopted after birth- they are a mother and that’s all they’ve ever wanted. Though a woman may not be able to carry her child, her desire and drive to make it happen, makes her a mother.

For those women who have suffered a loss, before or after birth, they are still a mother. The passing of a child does not erase their place in their mothers’ heart, nor does it make one less of a mother.

The women that become surrogates are incredible! They willingly and voluntarily sign up to help someone else become a mother, (or parent), knowing full well just how hard labor can be! These women go through dr’s appts being poked and prodded, may need to travel, daily injections of fertility meds, 9 months of weight gain and about 12 hours (more or less) of mind-blowing pain- because they KNOW how it feels to mother and have a child of your own.

We are appreciative of all kinds of moms and we hope to help as many of you become MOMS (parents) as we can!

To all the mothers/stepmothers/surrogates/adoptive parents/foster parents/legal guardians/maternal figures, and those on your way to motherhood- HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

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