Easy Easter and Passover Crafts!

Easy Easter and Passover Crafts!

Need something to occupy the kiddos while you get everything ready for your holiday weekend? Try some of these fun crafts! 😊

Parting the Plate Sea

Supplies: white paper plate, blue marker/crayon, tan marker/crayon, lego people, ruler (or any long flat object)

Step 1. Place your ruler (or flat object) in the middle of the paper plate and in pencil, draw a line against each side of the ruler.
Step 2. In the middle of your plate between the 2 lines, color in your sand! This is the bottom of the ocean so feel free to add maybe a turtle or crab!
Step 3. On either side of the sandy middle, color the sides in with blue to make your “sea”. (We added some wave lines!)
Step 4. Make a crease in the plate by folding one of the water sides, over the line where your sand meets the sea. Do the same on the other side.
Step 5. Your plate should now have the sandy middle laying flat and both sides of the sea standing up. Take a bottle or any round can shaped item and roll each wave over the can a few times to give it that wavy bend.
Step 6. Place your “Moses” and his followers at the opening of the sea!

Carrot Cup

Supplies: orange construction paper, green construction paper, black marker/pen, tape

Step 1. Twist your orange construction paper into a cone shape and tape into place (tape inside and out!). If your cone does not have a flat edge on the larger end, cut straight across and you should have your flat top carrot.
Step 2. Draw a few squiggly lines around the cone to make give it that carrot texture.
Step 3. With your green construction paper, draw and cut out your sprout! Tape your sprout to the inner edge of the larger opening.
Step 4. Fill with your favorite jelly beans or snacks!

Bunny Ears
Supplies: construction paper (color is your choice!), tape
1. Cut strips of green construction paper to make the wrap. Measure around your child’s head and glue/tape together.
2. Fold a piece of construction paper in half width wise, and cut out your larger bunny ears. (If you do it this way, both ears will be even!)
3. Fold another piece of construction paper in half width wise and cut out your smaller bunny ears. Glue your mini ears to the middle of your big ears and let dry.
4. Along the bottom of the front of the bunny ears, put a thin layer of glue or tape to secure to the inside of your headband.
5. Put it on and hop around! 😊

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