Legalize It New York!

Legalize It New York!

For decades, compensated surrogacy was illegal in many US states making it very hard for Intended Parents to find a state (let alone a woman!) that would allow them to legally create their families. When our owner, Melissa, realized that surrogacy was an option to create her own biological family, this struggle became all too real. At the time Melissa began searching she was living Massachusetts (which allowed for compensated surrogacy), she searched high and low hoping to find someone that lived in a  2-3 hours radius, which was difficult as the East Coast was not as surro-friendly as the West Coast was. Melissa and her husband found their GC in Maine which thankfully was at least on the east coast and allowed for compensated surrogacy. Today, Melissa has twin 21 year old sons and a 16 year old daughter! Many IP’s hope to find a GC as close as possible because this allows them the opportunities to be involved in the pregnancy , maybe visit or come to appts, and provides comfort knowing that when delivery day comes, they are only a short distance away.

New York was recently considering a bill that would allow for compensated surrogacy in NY state- unfortunately, it did not pass once again. Our opportunity for this year is not yet done. Any support you may be able to provide should be sent to your senator or congressman. This bill passing would mean more opportunities,  more women can become surrogates, and together we can create so many more families!!!

A team of attorneys and doctors have been fighting towards this for almost a decade; Melissa being part of that team for the last 7 years! Strides have been made across the country for not only surrogacy laws, but for parentage orders as well. Today, it is a bit easier to become the legal/biological parents of a child through compensated surrogacy, all thanks to the incredible reproductive doctors, attorneys, intended parents and surrogates!

The bill is being presented again this year and the final decisions should be in place by the end of June.

Once again, please provide support to the Child/Parent Security Act, so that more families in New York can easily take advantage of their own state to help build their families. Please keep your fingers, toes, and legs crossed and vote YES New York!!! 😊

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