FAQ From Potential Surrogates Pt.2

FAQ From Potential Surrogates Pt.2
To continue with our Q&A! We are very excited to bring you 5 more FAQs from Potential Surrogate Mothers!  We feel it is very important that our surrogates receive as much information as possible regarding their surrogate journey, to be well informed and also excited for what’s to come!
Q. Is a medical screening visit needed? 

A. Yes, A medical screening is necessary, this is a very important step in the surrogate journey. As this will confirm you are medically capable of handling another pregnancy and carrying safely and to term. Your health is our highest concern.  At the screening, you will find out more about the meds you need to take to prepare your body for an embryo transfer and have the opportunity to talk to the doctor about the process and meet the medical staff you will be working with. 

Q. What do I need to prepare for the medical screening?

A. You will be traveling to the clinic that your Intended Parents have chosen to work with to complete your screening. Your travel expenses will be paid for by your Intended Parents. This means you will need to pack an overnight bag depending on where the clinic is. If the clinic is in your vicinity and easy to travel to, you can probably drive. Each clinic is run differently, thus their screening process will vary. All facilities will need to see your medical records for all pregnancies and deliveries before they bring you in for a screening visit. You will know if you have been cleared to proceed within a few days of your appointment. Once you have been medically cleared by the clinic to proceed, it is time for you to review your GC Contract with your attorney.


Q. How will compensation payment be made?

A.  Your Intended Parents will be setting up an escrow account. Your attorney will advise and guide you regarding the payments due and schedule before you begin. This payment schedule is managed by the escrow agent and they will guide you on submitted any expenses during the journey to make sure you are paid in a timely manner. 

Q.What happens after the baby is born?

A. Once you have given birth, hopefully with the Intended Parents in attendance, you will get to see the joy you have helped to create as they meet their baby for the first time!  The intended parents will begin bonding with their newborn while doctors take good care of you.  All legal paperwork will be in place at the time of birth. The paperwork will ensure that the Intend Parents will have all decision-making rights for the child.  Depending on your type of delivery and the hospital policy, you can expect to stay at the hospital between 24 and 72 hours following birth. You may not be discharged at the same time as the newborn. This means that you could be leaving before the parents and baby, or they could be the ones leaving before you.

Q. Can you be a surrogate more than once?

A. We have had many of our surrogates come back for another surrogate journey.  When we are lucky enough, and they have had great deliveries, some of these amazing women will work with us for more than 2 journey’s. This wonderful gift of life is truly a blessing for those families who can’t have their own children. 

We hope this information is helpful if you have any more questions please feel free to call our office and one of our coordinators will be more than happy to speak with you.

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