Carrying another couple’s baby

Carrying another couple’s baby

By Veronica Whitney, Vail Daily, CO,

May 7, 2005

Laura Lee Verlinde, with her husband, Ray, and her two children, Grant, 9, and Adam, 12, in front of their house in Gypsum, acted as a “gestational carrier” for a couple from New York. Preston Utley/Vail Daily

Depending on how fast a couple can get pregnant, using a so-called “gestational carrier” can be as expensive as adoption, said Kim Willoughby, an attorney from Denver who specializes in alternative reproductive law.

“People are getting very comfortable with the idea of alternative reproductive methods,” said Willoughby, who helped Laura Lee Verlinde of Gypsum become a gestational carrier, which means she carried the biological baby of another couple.

“This isn’t inexpensive,” Willoughby said. “It’s a matter of how long the fertilization process takes.”

Willoughby said she doesn’t see cases in which the carrier doesn’t give up the baby. Nor has she met a surrogate mother who gives birth only for the money.

“These are women who enjoy being pregnant,” she said. “Sometimes they want more money for day care and cleaning, and compensation if they’re out of work. They’re not asking for extravagant things.

“They want to make sure they’re not losing out because they’re pregnant,” she added. “These women are putting their lives in the line.”

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