What to expect when working with a surrogate agency

The first step for intended parents is to contact our agency for more information. This can be done by selecting the Contact Us tab or by calling us at 201-505-0078. Intended parents are encouraged to schedule a consultation with Melissa Brisman to discuss the specific details of their situation and develop a plan to build their family. As our clients come from around the world, consultations can be conducted over the telephone or in person at our office. When you come to our office, you will also have the opportunity to sit down with one of our Intended Parent Coordinators to discuss the Surrogate mother process step by step. It is our goal to give intended parents a full picture of how their journey to parenthood will proceed.

Once you sign a Service Agreement with our agency we will work with you to develop your individual criteria for your gestational carrier. With the preferences of the intended parents in mind, our Intended Parent Coordinators get to work searching our database for a match.

Finding a Surrogate Mother

Reproductive Possibilities, LLC maintains a database of women available to be surrogate mothers for intended parents. Each of our carriers must complete an extensive application and interview process before being entered into our database. Through this process, only surrogates that we are comfortable recommending to our clients make their way into our program.

After all screening processes are complete, including medical and psychological, we then coordinate the review of the surrogates insurance and the execution of a surrogate mother contract.

When the surrogate mother contract is signed, Intended Parents are required to deposit their surrogates fee into an escrow account. Intended Parents are welcome to use an escrow manager of their choice or retain the services of Surrogate Fund Management, LLC, a fully insured escrow management company wholly owned and operated by Melissa Brisman.

Our office stays by your side as you approach each embryo transfer, throughout your pregnancy and during the legal process required to name you as legal parents of your child(ren). When your journey is over, we celebrate the birth of your child(ren) with you and remind you to send us pictures.

We walk side by side with hundreds of intended parents every year on this exciting journey.

Each path to parenthood is unique, click here to read about Melissa Brisman’s journey featured in The Pennsylvania Gazette.
Intended Parents:

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