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My journey to become a carrier took me 3 1/2 years of serious thought. Upon completion of my own family, I started to think of helping a family who was not as blessed as I was. When my last daughter was born, I contacted Melissa's office. They sent me a complete package that answered most of my questions. However, I was not yet ready to start the journey. About another year after that, I again, contacted Melissa's office and once again, received the information I requested. As before, I read through it and decided it was not yet time. A year ago, in February, I again called the office. I had just turned 41 and knew there were age requirements. If I waited much longer, I would not be eligible for the program. Again, the information was sent to me. This time, I responded. Mailing that profile back was a huge step for me. I was contacted a few days later and the journey began. Melissa's office always responded to my calls and gave me any information, guidance and time that I needed. They directed me in the right way for all the testing, paperwork, so forth. I was placed with a couple that met all my expectations and made this experience exactly what I anticipated it to be.

For anyone who is considering a surrogate or being a carrier, I highly recommend Melissa's service. Melissa, as well as her staff, are competent, efficient and extremely supportive. Outside of my own family, this experience has been a high point in my life. The final reward was watching the Parents meet their daughter for the first time. In 2004 I was able to bless another family with twins. A dream that was once only a dream was made possible by the resources provided by Melissa's expertise. I regret not acting on my intuitions the first time; I would have had more time to help other families. If you have the desire to do this, pursue it, you will not regret it.

GS x2
I have used Melissa Brisman's office in my quest to become a gestational surrogate since the winter of 2000. I found her application packet to be thorough and she quickly responded to my submission with a phone call. I was matched with a couple rather quickly and Melissa and her office staff were quick to answer my questions and concerns about the matching process. They made the contract phase as easy as could be and were always available through phone or e-mail. Through Melissa I was able to bless two families with a total of five children (singleton in 2001, twins in 2003 and twins in 2005) that they once only dreamed of.

After hearing of some other carrier's bad experience's with other attorneys in the New England area and throughout the US I am very pleased with the treatment I received by Melissa's office and would highly recommend her to other carriers and intended parents alike. Surrogacy can be a stressful journey at times and Melissa did everything possible to make the journey smooth.

GS x4

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